Taekwondo, first online multidisciplinary competition: this is what it is

Until November 20, from the youngest to the masters, everyone will be able to register and participate in the power, freestyle and stunt challenges. Honorary President Fita: “You will have the feeling of being really in the race”

In such a difficult period for sport, especially for contact ones such as taekwondo, there is a need to keep motivation alive in athletes. Here then the Fita kicks off a unique competition of its kind, the first multidisciplinary: “Taekwondo The Olympic Dream – Art Tournament”. Obviously online, the race is aimed at all those who love to try their hand at new and exciting challenges. From the youngest to the masters, anyone can participate, engaging in various tests from power to acrobatics, including freestyle. Registrations are open until November 20, following the instructions given by the Fita (you can find them here) and filling out the online form. “Although it is a remote virtual competition – underlines the honorary President of Fita, Master Park Young Ghil – you will have the feeling of being in the race: the beauty of taekwondo will reach even more for people”. And the winners? They will be rewarded directly by the Korean Institute of Rome which will send coupons of different values, based on their ranking, which can be used on a renowned online sales platform.

Maestro Park, in times like these of stopping competitions, how important is it to find alternative methods to keep motivation?
“Not being able to participate in real races, we need to use technology. Today it is possible to do virtual distance competitions. First of all there are the online poomsae competitions (traditional and freestyle) and the new power test competitions, where you requires a technique at the limit of perfection. The technique must be prepared with great and severe physical and athletic preparation, preferring muscle elasticity. Despite being virtual distance competitions, the feeling of being in the race and challenging others via video offers the right motivation Furthermore, one of the fundamental concepts that taekwondo teaches “the mind orders, the body obeys” ensures that every movement / gesture during the poomsae is planned and that it is the result of concentration, commitment and sacrifice both mental and physical.

Will this first multidisciplinary competition show all the facets of taekwondo?

“The technical beauty of taekwondo is now renowned and shared by all. With multidisciplinary competition there is the possibility of reaching even more to the crowd and to people who do not yet know the discipline. It is important that in multidisciplinary competitions it is preserved. always the purity of the techniques together with the spectacularity of the acrobatic jumps and the power of the strokes. Thanks to the work of its President Angelo Cito and the technical staff, Fita is working hard to spread taekwondo to young people and to involve adults too ” .

What is the most difficult challenge in this online competition?

“Regardless of the sequence of kicks, the most demanding challenge is always that of knowing how to control and dominate yourself. To perfect the various techniques, it takes a lot of dedication and patience. You have to repeat at will to be able to be masters of your body and your own mind. In the specific case, particularly in freestyle, I cannot hide that it also takes a lot of courage combined with technique to be able to kick and screw your body in acrobatic jumps “

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Taekwondo, first online multidisciplinary competition: this is what it is

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