Superhero movies that don’t come from a comic book

With the premiere of Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel will further expand its already overcrowded superhero universe. On the other hand, DC prepares to redefine the tone and meaning of its film franchise after the shake of the Snyder Cut from The Justice League. But beyond the great heroes of the best known sagas, superhero movies are taking a new direction. One that leads them towards independent proposals, often more peculiar and surprising than the traditional ones.

It is a challenge that combines science fiction, fantasy and action in proposals that challenge the best-known sagas. Perhaps without the astronomical budgets available to larger productions, the New superhero movies challenge the notion of power.

They also do so with originality, ingenuity and using the limited resources at their disposal. The best? That most of the time they rebel against the traditional ideas of superheroes to create something amazing.

We leave you a selection of several superhero movies that you may not know, but that will surprise you more than you might suppose.

‘Code 8’

What began as a short film in 2016, became in 2019 a proposal for superhero films that reinvents the traditional genre. Contrary to the usual epics of characters with special powers, in the universe of Code 8 the extraordinary condemns them to marginalization. So Connor Reed (Robbie Amell) is on the verge of being legal.

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Superhero movies that don’t come from a comic book

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