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‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is an eight-episode miniseries and until now it seemed to be getting a bit dizzy when it came to making it clear what exactly was happening in that apparently idyllic retreat led by Masha (Nicole Kidman). Yes, little by little some small detail was revealed that made it clear that something more important was yet to come, but it was with ‘The treasure’ When everything has started to rush

That does not mean that the sixth episode of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ has maintained that leisurely pace in which special attention is paid to the emotions of the characters when they face a stressful situation. The big difference is that in ‘El tesoro’ already the motivations of several of the protagonists are becoming clear to us.

Watch out for spoilers for the sixth episode of the series from here on.

The plot thickens

Until now I had always kept the doubt of what could be the motivation behind several of the characters to accept without more that they are being drugged as part of a curious therapy whose protocol was redundantly an unknown. And it is that almost in each chapter it seems that we have a brief talk between Masha and Delilah (Tiffany Boone) to remind us that there really is a plan there, but without ever going into details.

However, here it is already clear that Masha’s methods do not always work with that mention of a lawsuit that has caused her economic situation to be affected, but even more juicy is the final detail about her past, was she until now repressing the fact that your daughter was run over? If we were already beginning to see cracks in the apparent perfect calm of Kidman’s character, it is clear that this has to have a great effect on her in what remains of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’. And that Delilah shortly before comment to Yao (Manny Jacinto) who should run away before everything goes haywire also points in that direction …

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In parallel to that there have been three other important fronts in ‘The Treasure’. The most powerful by far has been that of the Marconi, causing the collapse of Heather (Asher Keddie) for the discovery that a medication her son was taking may have motivated his suicide. A very visceral moment, but beware, when push comes to shove, the change in attitude that it causes in Napoleon is perhaps much more important (Michael Shannon), who until now assumed the blame for what happened. Perhaps the mention that Zoe (Grace Van Patten) Was the key to everything at the end of the previous episode referring to the fact that his role is going to be essential so that that family does not sink again without a possible solution? We will see.

Repositioning the characters

Nine Perfect Stranger Episodio 6

On the other hand, it is surprising how direct the episode has been by revealing that Masha had an affair with Carmel’s husband. A clear source of conflict but that in ‘The Treasure’ is approached in a different way, probably to feed that internal fury of the character played by Regina Hall in the face of a great explosion of violence in the final stretch of the series. And it is that, the character may not be memorable in itself, but Hall is very inspired showing that fragility that characterizes Carmel, but also making it clear that it can be perfectly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Something less stimulating has been seeing how the evident emotional tension between Frances (Melissa McCarthy) and Tony (Bobby Cannavale). Curious detail of actually expressing her thoughts out loud, something that in the case of other characters could complicate things, but the truth is that that hallucination of her with her ex to the rhythm of a ‘Cabaret’ song works better, although it is probably because of how unusual it is rather than because of other real virtues.

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For the rest, Ben (Melvin Gregg) and Jessica (Samara Weaving(Luke Evans) with that appearance of Masha giving her a mobile without Internet access, making it clear that she has not left anything to chance. Another thing is that he will be able to control everything when the thing explodes completely …

It is clear that there are still several details to be revealed, but ‘The treasure’ has been the first big step forward of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ after limiting himself until now to giving small movements.

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Summary and analysis of My treasure

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