Studios compete to acquire Christopher Nolan’s next film

Studios compete to acquire Christopher Nolan’s next film

Today, Christopher Nolan is one of the most profitable names in the film industry. Beyond his cast or the theme that his films follow, the filmmaker has forged a path in which his name on a poster is what he sells, and for film studios this is something important because a certain percentage of what his films generate movies is insured. However, Nolan has a reputation for being quite strict about what he looks for in his films, and not only during their production, but also when it comes to distribution.

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Last year he released Tenet (83%) starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, an action film that, although it follows a certain line of what has become what defines the director’s cinema (although it has also explored other paths), It did not meet expectations. Some media reported that the collection of the film, which was just above what was invested in its production, meant a conflict between the filmmaker and Warner Bros., with whom he has worked for a long time.

It is evident that the low income of that film was due to the premiere in the middle of the pandemic, although Nolan points out that Warner Bros. pushed the exclusive release in theaters without giving it the opportunity, as with later films, to also reach homes directly, although he has also made unfavorable statements against HBO Max as a streaming service platform; while others claim that it was also the director’s fault for demanding that his film be released after some delays. Now that he has a new project on his doorstep, Nolan is looking for new production partners, and some of the biggest studios have already stepped up.

Without a doubt, having the same director of Interstellar (71%) and El Origen (86%) would mean a great opportunity for anyone. According to what has been reported in Comic Book, who marked an important path in the superhero cinema with his Batman Begins trilogy (84%) has begun to receive offers from major studios for the purchase of the project, among which Sony Pictures (home of Spider-Man (89%) ), 007: Casino Royale (95%) and After Earth (11%)).

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Another high-roller that could be ahead of the acquisition of Nolan’s next film is Universal Studios, which owns blockbusters and blockbusters such as Fast and Furious 9 (65%), Jurassic World (71%), and My. Favorite Villain (81%)). Taking into account how rigorous Nolan is in terms of the distribution of his films, perhaps this studio has the most possibilities, but it still has many proposals to analyze in order to bring his film, still untitled, to the screens.

There is still little information about this new film, but yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that Cillian Murphy will be in charge of starring in the story, putting himself in the shoes of a historical character who had great objectives with his invention of the atomic bomb, and by being a witness of the thousands of deaths he caused, he called himself a “destroyer of worlds.” Murphy, who already worked with Nolan on films like Batman: The Dark Knight (94%) and Dunkirk (92%) also contextualized in World War II, will revive J. Robert Oppenheimer.

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Finally, the studies will surely take into account that their budget must be above USD $ 100 million, but they have the security of obtaining large income, of course, as long as they reach a distribution agreement that is convenient for both parties.

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Studios compete to acquire Christopher Nolan’s next film

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