Star Wars: C-3PO’s ‘penis’ and the story of a mythical Topps letter

Join me to know this sad and curious story. At to 1977 a certain film called Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope. At such times, the manufacturers of merchandising, companies and producers were probably not able to imagine the giant that would give birth to this galactic epic. Star wars had just been born, and the saga had not even begun to explode as it does today. But there was one company that did dare to step forward: Topps, who had already achieved some success publishing the collectibles of other science fiction works such as Planet of the Apes. So he also cheered up with those of Star Wars. The problem? There was a letter … which was at least striking: that of C-3PO. Why We believe that it is, to say the least, obvious.

C-3PO, the envy of the droids

When Topps it was for sale the collectible cards of Star Wars, they were not able to foresee the enormous demand that they would enjoy. So it didn’t take long for all the engines to run to create more cards and series of these cards (In 1977 alone there were already hundreds of cards dedicated to the galactic saga). In the Series FourHowever, they made a slip: letter number 207 dedicated to C-3PO it looked innocent enough at first glance. But it didn’t take long to discover that there was a extra in the droid drawing.

What happened to this letter? Lucasfilm wanted to offer an explanation about it in 2007, as collected from MelMagazine: “It appears that the extra appendix is ​​not the work of an artist, but rather a trick of timing and light. The intact stock photo shows the image as it appears on the card. The current theory is that at the exact moment the photo was taken, a piece of the costume fell off and lined up in such a way as to suggest a more obscene image.“They express.” The contact sheets from the photo shoot attest to this. They are not retouched in any way, but contain the same image. Whatever the actual explanation, the ‘naughty artist’ story just doesn’t fit“.

Topps' C-3PO letter

“The legend is better than the truth”

Anthony Daniels, the actor in charge of giving life to C-3PO, also echoed the story of the letter in an interview with the book I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story from JJ Abrams: “Many years after the filming, a rather unexpected collectible would appear for sale. It turned out that a mischievous clerk realized there was a a fold of plastic from the costume, just above where the upper leg should have been. It was caused by a failure of the duct tape, which allowed part of my leg to drop forward. Very cleverly, though with a certain bad taste, he seems to have painted a rather credible extension. “

Gary Gerani, author of Star Wars: The Original Topps Trading Card Series, added the following to the middle: “Ultimately, the legend is better than the truth because from what I understand, the costume was falling apart and a piece that looked suggestive broke, so it’s as simple as that. “It should be noted that the letter was quickly withdrawn once the error was discovered.

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    Star Wars: C-3PO’s ‘penis’ and the story of a mythical Topps letter

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