Spider-Man: No Way Home | They assure that Venom appears in the trailer

After a long wait and a leak, for which heads are already rolling, the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Road Home was finally released. In many ways, the trailer was just what everyone expected, and although we already knew that Benedict Cumberbatch and Alfred Molina would appear in the film, seeing them in action was the excitement of the fans. Plus, a few surprises that seem to signal the return of other classic villains from Spider-Man, they are already raising the stakes. Of course, soon after the theories, analysis, screenshots and slow motion began to decipher each image of the film starring Tom Holland.

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The singular laugh and the appearance of a certain artifact left us thinking about the Green Goblin, but which one of all? The laugh is more like Willem Dafoe’s in Spider-Man – 89%, but we also saw the character played by Dane DeHaan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro’s Menace – 52%, where he shares credits with Jamie Foxx, who we know will appear in this third installment. Of course, none of them is confirmed, as most stayed with the news of the other villains; Especially since Molina has revealed some details about the filming and some were more interested in finding out if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are around.

The trailer then seems to introduce us to several of Spidey’s classic enemies, which is appreciated after Vulture (Michael Keaton) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) turned out to have a personal resentment towards Iron-Man (Robert Downey Jr.). However, there are still pieces to unite and that is where the fans who do not lose detail come in. Many believe that Daredevil (Charlie Cox) has an appearance in the trailer, based on the tie and the pose, although his clothing is certainly nothing special or revealing and could simply be one of the detectives accusing Peter of being a murderer.

Some more assure that there are moments in the advance that could mean the return of Sandman and Lizard, but the novelty here is who claims that Venom it’s present. A Twitter user applied slow motion in an attempt to decipher one of the trailer’s most enigmatic moments, when something appears to attack Peter from the dark.

This moment is the one that many related to Lizard, but thanks to this frame by frame some see the figure similar to Venom; specifically, the Venom de Tom Hardy.

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Although Venom already had an appearance by Topher Grace’s hand in Spider-Man 3 – 63%, the one that has been the most successful is that of Hardy, who will star alongside Woody Harrelson in the sequel called Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The truth is that the scene is too dark and there is not much context. It seems that this figure attacks Peter but something stops it, which has made some think that it is a new villain who is in a cell protected by magic. There are even those who believe that those little red dots are actually fire and name other characters like Freak, one of the many enemies of Spider-Man that have not been featured in the adaptations.

Although these analyzes are an important, and frankly fun, part of being a fan of comic book movies, the truth is that you always have to be careful with your expectations. One thing is what the film is and offers, and another is what one thinks it should be. The best example is what happened with WandaVision – 95%, where everyone started to see Mephisto In every detail and when it was not revealed it disappointed many, even though the story clearly followed a dramatic line that it more than delivered.

Do not forget that Marvel he likes to lie in his advances. This is because fans always like to anticipate everything and a lot of information ends up leaking, so when they go to the cinema to see the film they are disappointed. In an attempt to keep up with the surprises and twists, the company has no problem putting in scenes that don’t exist or altering moments that are shown in a way in the trailer. In the end you have to wait for the premiere and judge Spider-Man: No Way Home so it offers the new phase of Marvel that will have the multiverses as its central axis.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home | They assure that Venom appears in the trailer

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