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The “Deep Web” O “Deep internet” It is a set of websites-databases that, due to the nature of their content, cannot be found in conventional search engines such as Google, Bing or Safari. All this is a precedent to what happened in February 2011, when a 31-year-old man named Ross Ulbricht, who lived an apparently normal life, launched through the Deep Web a platform that allowed the purchase and sale of different drugs, hacking contracts, stolen credit card numbers, professional or homemade weapons, murder-for-hire services , between many other things. The illicit nature of the portal led him to be the prey of an exhaustive hunt of almost 3 years by the DEA, which ended in a trial where he was found guilty, with his sentence being life imprisonment. This story served as the inspiration for Silk Road – 53%, a film released this year about which we will talk next.

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Directed by Tiller Russell (Night Stalker: Hunting a Serial Killer – 95%, 2021) comes this police thriller that seeks to delve into the case of this black market hidden under the network that caused controversy around the world. The official synopsis of Silk Road is the following: the philosopher in his twenties Ross Ulbricht creates Silk Road, a darknet website that sells narcotics, while DEA agent Rick Bowden goes undercover to take him down. The leading role of the project is made up of the young star Nick Robinson (Yo Soy Simón – 92%, 2018), Jason Clarke (Everest – 73%, 2015), Jennifer Yun (Lovecraft Country – 100%, 2020), Jimmi Simpson (Westworld – 89%, 2016), Darrell Britt-Gibson (3 Ads for a Crime – 93%, 2017), Daniel David Stewart (The Fugitive, 2020), Kenneth Miller (Troop of Heroes – 55%, 2018), Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 29%, 2019), Katie Aselton (Legion – 90%, 2017), among others. How was criticism pronounced on Russell’s project? Let’s find out.

Despite the interesting backstory, the critics’ opinions of the film are not entirely flattering. In the first place, the reviews make mention of how the script, born from a collaboration between the director Tiller Russell With the emergent writing David Kushner, he is in charge of turning what could be a singular plot into a generic detective story, focusing on the search for the criminal by the police force and leaving the details about the rise of the illicit platform Silk Road in background. Another aspect that puzzled the specialists was the excessive creative freedom with which the duo rewrote the original story in their manuscript, bypassing important details of the events that took place in real life, which could provide the viewer with an enlightening panorama of events rather than a dramatization whose fidelity is not 100% compromised. The script opted to tell two versions of the same story, however, according to some web portals, neither of the two narrative arcs presented on screen manages to be forceful, because of a loose writing of their dialogues, half-hearted psychological development. its characters and even a set of unlikely situations that are responsible for knocking down any attempt by the film to shine.

Other points that detract from the film’s merit according to the eyes of critics is the direction of Tiller Russell, who takes very little advantage of the 112 minutes of footage he has, addressing all the events that happen in an extremely superficial way. The reviews were not at all merciful to Russell in pointing out that his work unsuccessfully seeks to copy elements to another tape with a similar theme, for example, Social Network – 96% (David Fincher, 2010), trying to execute a similar narrative construction but erring when trying to design an atmosphere of suspense as endearing as Fincher’s, so that, when the final act of the film is reached, hardly the viewer will be hooked on the characters and their respective outcomes. Even those experts seeking to defend the tape agree that the incredible feat of crime that the Silk Road site was – 53%, it was already told in a more interesting way through other formats such as podcasts or documentaries. Thus, Tiller Russell presents an unbalanced final project, whose production values ​​take their toll by making it look like a tape made directly for television.

However, the reviews mention that the performances offered by Jason Clarke and Nick Robinson are worthy of recognition. On the one hand, Clarke, who plays a DEA agent out of rehab named Rick Bowden, does a splendid job building a character who is presented to us at the beginning as a despotic person who maintains a hostile relationship with the modern world, in someone totally different who seeks to do the right thing, having an arc of demand where it is very difficult not to sympathize so much with their situation. In the case of Robinson, it caused interest in the experts due to the acting growth that he has had throughout his career, this film being another moment where he can be seen to shine, despite the fact that the script offers him very little fabric of where to cut. The challenge that Robinson had in this project was to adequately portray Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind Silk Road in real life, which he was able to achieve through a solid and antagonistic performance, delivering an Ulbricht that was as conceited as it was interesting. stealing attention every time he goes into the picture.

Unfortunately, the acting efforts of the Clarke-Robinson duo are not enough to save a project whose edition is in charge of driving the last nail in the coffin. Critics agree that the editing work done by Greg O’Bryant (The Act – 100%, 2019), is the worst of the film, presenting transitions in which the frame to camera is completely frozen and melts to make way for the next scene, completely breaking with whatever rhythm the film was taking. These disruptions could pass as minor if not for their almost total presence throughout the footage, so keeping them in the final cut is undoubtedly a controversial decision on the part of the work team. Another point criticized by O’Bryant is the hasty cuts that the film presents in some of its key moments, so it often gives the feeling that in some scenes there is a lack of information to be clarified, which, if present in the film, would have led to a different result.

Finally, Silk Road by Tiller Russell presents us with a story based on real events that, in the end, has very little “real”. With notable errors in its production, the film remains only on the promise of what it could have been, because if it had had another treatment, it would surely have presented us with a renowned cinematographic piece. Despite its mistakes, the film has the quality of being entertaining thanks to the interpretations of Jason Clarke and Nick Robinson, who take you by the hand on a turbulent journey to find out what is behind the illicit world that exists on the dark side of the Internet.

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Here’s a compilation of Silk Road reviews, reviews, and ratings – 53%:

Dennis Schwartz, Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews:

… the right story but the wrong filmmaker to make it.

Dennis Harvey, 48 Hills:

It’s a great story, with a potentially cool antihero (or even two), but Silk Road doesn’t seem to have a perspective on it.

Joe Nolan, Nashville Scene:

Despite the good performances, Silk Road squanders its moment.

Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News:

… manages to tell a compelling story thanks to the two protagonists.

Alci Rengifo, Entertainment Voice:

… fails to get high on his true cyber drug trafficking story.

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly:

… offers superficial emotions.

Steven Prokopy, Third Coast Review:

… tells the story of someone whose fault was not greed but ambition. I didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse watching him shut down and crash to the ground, but it’s a shame I couldn’t take his intelligence and ingenuity and apply it to something useful.

Sean P. Means, The Movie Cricket:

… it is a laborious process through the plot to bring down a drug trafficking website.

Andrea Chase, Killer Movie Reviews:

… suffers with a rhythm that is too deliberate to maintain suspense … but clever enough … to keep floating on the water.

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times:

The high-speed thriller details the big business of selling drugs and guns on the dark web.

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