Want to Be a Singer? Anticipate Stage Fright This Way: Okezone Celebrity

ON Monday, December 13, 2021, X Factor Indonesia will take place again. X Factor Indonesia is one of the biggest talent search events for singers in Indonesia.

As a talent search event, X Factor Indonesia has produced many talented singers. There are names like Fatin Shidqia, Mikha Angelo, to Isa Raja.

To be able to get the opportunity to act on the X Factor Indonesia stage, especially to win the competition, prospective contestants need good singing skills and regular vocal training.

However, there is one more thing that is no less important, namely the ability to overcome stage fright.

There are various ways to prepare for and overcome stage fright, especially when singing on stage. One way is to practice on a short video platform like SnackVideo and do the following.

1. Take advantage of Live Streaming as a Virtual Stage

A great singer not only has a great voice, but also has a charisma that can make him appear to dominate the stage. The charisma appears through the singer’s movements and body language while performing.

Fortunately, things like movement and body language can be trained. One way is to maximize the live streaming feature in SnackVideo. Through this feature, you can interact directly with other users who are watching. You can practice your singing and body language skills by broadcasting live videos of singing and positioning the live stream as a virtual stage.

From there, you can experience what it’s like to sing in front of a crowd live. More than that, you can also get feedback from the audience or audience who watched your performance on the live streaming feature.

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2. Learn from Feedback from Other SnackVideo Users

SnackVideo is a platform with a strong sense of community. Its users often provide positive and constructive feedback to other content creators.

You can, of course, use that sense of community to evaluate yourself. The trick, you can check every comment that goes to your upload and start evaluating from there.

Of course, this exercise cannot be done just once. You can make as many singing videos as you want and keep uploading them to SnackVideo. By repeating this process over and over again, you can train your confidence in front of a crowd.

3. Choose Popular Songs on SnackVideo

Uploading your songs to SnackVideo can apparently be a way to pick the best songs to practice and get more people to see. The trick, you can choose a song that is currently popular among the SnackVideo community.

From there, you can judge what songs the public likes and which you sing best. Of course, with the selection of songs that hit, your chances of being known by many people will be even greater. In addition, the most important thing is to choose a song that matches the characteristics of the voice.

Those are things you can do to prepare yourself and overcome stage fright before appearing to sing in public.


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Want to Be a Singer? Anticipate Stage Fright This Way: Okezone Celebrity

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