Idang Rasjidi’s Last Message to His Son, Become a Disciplined Musician: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The eldest son of the deceased Idang Rasjidi, Shadu Rasjidi, revealed the last message from his father before he died. The 32-year-old bass player admitted that his late father advised him to become a musician to uphold the value of discipline.

The fruit falls from not far from the tree, this proverb seems appropriate for Shadu Rasjidi who follows in his late father’s musical footsteps. His footsteps in the music scene could not be separated from the guidance of the late Idang Rasjidi.

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Shadu also admitted that he was proud to inherit his biological father’s musical hobby. “You are sure to be extraordinary for each of your children, we have hobbies, we have the same goals, playing music together is definitely different, it’s amazing,” said Shadu Rasjidi to the media crew, Sunday (12/5/2021).

Although he is already three-headed, Shadu admits that his late father often advised him during his life. He also considered this to be a matter of pride as the son of a legendary jazz musician.

“Until now, when I make a mistake, it’s still my parents who advise us,” he said.

Speaking of advice, Shadu then remembered his father’s last advice. The message turned out to be alluding to his musical career.

He said his late father had high discipline. Moreover, Shadu said the late Idang Rasjidi was very firm in matters of time.

Because of his on time, Idang allegedly often arrived at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled flight. Was surprised, Shadu finally understood the attitude of his beloved father.

“Be a disciplined musician, because when it comes to hard times, it’s actually like you (journalists) who are on time, on time like you, the artist hasn’t finished eating, you guys have two hours before (come), yes, father,” he said again.

“For example, the plane, okay, first flight at half past six, at 05.00 or 03.00 WIB at the airport. We are at 03.00 WIB in the car, sleepy, we are from home, what are we doing so early in the morning, that’s just how it is,” he continued.

Not only that, the impression of a gig with his father was also a precious moment for him. Despite having God-level skills, Shadu’s mentality suddenly shrank when he was on stage with his father.

Shadu admits that his father’s upbringing has now made him a seasoned musician. He also admitted that the moment on stage with his father would invite deep longing for him.

“The gig with him, that’s what I want to play with anyone, when you play with him, you are like a child being carried by him,” he said.

“He took care of me, made me cool on stage, I will always be small on stage when I am 5 years old, I will miss him,” he concluded.

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Idang Rasjidi’s Last Message to His Son, Become a Disciplined Musician: Okezone Celebrity

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