GF Vip twenty-fourth episode: Jessica, Patrizia and Lulù in nomination

GF Vip twenty-fourth episode: Jessica, Patrizia and Lulù in nomination. Among the most touching moments of the episode on Friday evening, the confession of Katia Ricciarelli. There was no lack of clashes in particular between women. The chronicle minute by minute on

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01.36 The twenty-fourth episode of Big Brother Vip ends here. live will be back on Monday 6 December. Thanks for joining us

01.31 Signorini announces the nominations and officially opens televoting. There will be a elimination on Monday

01.23 Together with Patrizia Pellegrino, the princesses Jessica and Lulù also return to nominations

01.22 Manila – Jessica. Gianmaria – Jessica

01.16 Maria – Lulu

01.14 Katia appoints Jessica. Alex – Lulu

01.08 Soleil – Miriana. Aldo – Lulu. Francesca – Sophie. Carmen – Lulu. Miriana – Soleil. Jessica – Manuel

01.06 Sophie – Carmen, Giucas – Jessica. Patrizia – Giucas

01.02 Davide and Manuel vote for Lulu, the princess in tears: «I was upset, Manuel will never vote for him because we have shared intimate things. Affection is always there, I respect what he wants, it’s not that I can eliminate feelings “

00.59 Go to the nominations. Lulu appoints Aldo

00.48 The commentators make you immune: Alex and Maria Monsè

00.47 The immune of the house are: Katia and Manila

00.44 The public’s favorite is Gianmaria with 39%. Antinolfi sends Patrizia directly to the nomination

00.41 Television closed. Gianmaria Antinolfi, Lulù Selassié, Jessica Selassié and Patrizia Pellegrino back to the led

00.41 Stone above? … For Lulù even a mountain

00.35 Lulù: «He is neither my son nor my husband so he is free to do whatever he wants. Like I never thought we were engaged. In here we were seen as a couple but to consider ourselves engaged. Fortunately, in life you learn, it is not right even for itself ». Manuel: “When it was convenient for her we were engaged”

00.34 Manuel: «I’m starting to feel really bad, his behavior in the eyes of others can be understood to mine no. I’m sorry but we have to take the right distance, if these are his behaviors, there is no future even outside “

00.30 Between Manuel and Lulu it is over for good, especially after the crisis of the princess of the last episode

00.23 For Soleil there is a message of love from the grandparents, Sorge bursts into tears

00.21 We return to talk about Soleil, but this time about his roots and his grandparents

00.10 Ricciarelli: «It is the truth – of moved Katia – I have had so many joys and so many pains, there are moments in which I feel just as I have arrived … In life you have to have the courage to say things. I’ve had so many good things that it seems ungrateful to me to be able to ask for more. Often when I am alone I have to say “what am I doing?”. Here I started dreaming again, I did things I hadn’t done for 40 years and I owe this to you (Alfonso ed) ». Signorini is also moved and his eyes are tinged: «You must not feel useless or have reached the finish line. You are a great woman. Many people tell me “Katia has her own character but she is so true that I lose everything”. I tell you the truth I like to be moved with you because there is life. You have to keep fighting for your life. Never feel alone “

00.09 Katia Ricciarelli in the confessional. The soprano during a game in the house said that the GF Vip has given her back the joy of living

11.55 pm Mother Teresa is in the garden: “We love you … but leave those rags and have fun”

23.52 Surprise arriving for Manila

11:47 PM Francesca and Soleil defend Monsè: “I find it squalid that someone who has just arrived is attacked like this”

GF Vip, Alex admits he loves both Delia and Soleil, but the influencer is lapidary: “I have a person out”

23.42 Maria Monsè: «I too wanted to have fun and I changed my bed, everyone hated me. Feeling branded as unattractive for no reason is not nice and I was disappointed. I’m touchy it’s true. Lulu is a very clever one, she overheard my confessional and thanks to the fact that she is in a small group where she is protected and attacked me. She’s just a spoiled little girl “

23.39 Clip on the quarrel between Maria Monsè and the rest of the house. In particular, Lulu defines her as an “idiot”: «For me she is ignorant because she makes fun of those suffering from panic attacks, she has denigrated me. But how dare you? », The two begin to scream at each other and come dangerously close

23.24 Sophie: «Between us there has always been a great attraction, then last night there was finally a moment of fun and I let myself go. Between us, however, there is no mental part “, even Gianmaria admits:” I like her, I’ve always said it “

23.21 During the night, Gianmaria and Sophie got closer. Clip

23.17 Clip on Marini who admits to being attracted to Gianmaria: “For me he is a delightful person”

23.12 Finally we change the subject. Clip on Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini

22.56 Signorini says that Delia if she wants to have the possibility to call live but Alex reiterates: “She must not call”

22.54 Delia did not want to go to Big Brother and Alex is happy about it

22.47 La Volpe defines all this as a scene

22.41 Signorini asks Soleil about the person outside: «I take my full responsibilities, I know what I want. I know the feelings for the person outside and I want to build something beyond the physical drives. With Alex, this is not the direction of our relationship. I don’t love two men, I can distinguish everything better, I am aware of what I have outside and then with Alex. I live in the moment, I don’t feel like doing any harm “

22.38 Soleil in the studio to talk face to face with Signorini after Alex’s confession of love «He blew me away when he confessed it but for better or for worse I felt it. I have always tried to protect everything, even our life out of here, but in the same way I have tried to see the truth. When he exposed I was confused, because I always tried to protect him. Of course I love him as a human being “

22.27 Signorini asks Alex for clarification on this unexpected and unmanageable situation: «Alfo – he replies – I have rarely felt this way, in general I am always in control. With Sole we met with an incredible connection and when I felt this in my heart … it was the last thing I thought I could feel. We are in a bubble, in a car that accelerates everything, I would like to keep Soleil with this way we can have fun, if there is one thing we have to be ashamed of is to love. Delia knows very well how much we love each other, who has defined that one cannot love despite having another situation ». Can you love two people at the same time?

22.22 Belli therefore confessed his feeling for Soleil. Let’s review the clip of his confession

10:17 PM Soleil: «Regardless of the truthfulness of the kiss … the kiss was certainly colored by the moment» Signorini insists on asking if it was true «It was true. Without the cameras I don’t think there would be anything other than what we are. I went into crisis because Alex went into protection in the last episode and created doubts for me »Belli:« After the kiss you were entering something that I wanted to protect. It’s not that I threw the stone and pulled my hand, the last episode something entered my heart, from the goliardic world of friendship we had there was a shot out of my control. “

22.13 We return to talk about the Delia – Alex – Soleil triangle

10:10 pm Clarissa in the studio: “Maria the audience sees everything from home and your attack was very pathetic”

22.08 Maria: «Lulu called me an idiot and I am absolutely not humble. I felt despised. You confused my kindness and mistreated me », the two clashed during the week

22.06 Lulù: “Precisely because it is not a competition of pains I have not told about certain things that are very strong”. Jessica: «We have a very heavy surname on our shoulders. For the life we ​​have passed we are very humble “

22.02 Jessica: «We have always learned something from Katia. But it’s a mutual thing. Katia took it too personally. ” Manila: “What he said was very bad”

22.00 Katia: «I don’t see the curiosity to understand life, who made the bunch. I wished I had a chance to talk to them. But what could you ever have at 18, if I had them! I personally did not go knocking on Big Brother to say take me “

21.55 In the house there is a generational clash between the women of the house, in particular between Katia and the princesses. Clip

21.52 Under the covers in the house there are also Miriana and Biagio and then Sophie and Gianmaria

21.47 Let’s go. The house is bursting with love: Alex has declared himself to Soleil, let’s see the clip

21.45 The advances by Alfonso Singorini

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gfvip soleil belli 03135747

The push and pull between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge does not seem to find respite. On the one hand, there is Alex who, having his wife Delia at home, tries to maintain a conduct worthy of a married man and rarely succeeds, on the other hand, there is Soleil who often questions the authenticity of Alex’s feelings but then she can’t stay away from him.

A moment of great emotion awaits Manila Nazzaro: the former Miss Italy will be able to meet her mother by surprise. On televoting: Gianmaria Antinolfi, Lulù Selassié, Jessica Selassié and Patrizia Pellegrino.

The new entries arrived in recent days – first Patrizia Pellegrino and Maria Monsé, then Valeria Marini, Giacomo Urtis and Biagio D’Anelli – make themselves known and, for this reason, there is no lack of exchanges of views and discussions. After all, a generational clash is taking place in the Casa di Grande Fratello Vip that sees Katia Ricciarelli and Manila Nazzaro opposed to the Selassié sisters.

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GF Vip twenty-fourth episode: Jessica, Patrizia and Lulù in nomination

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