‘Shang-Chi’ Powerful second weekend, over $ 31 million. “Malignant” Death-Deadline

Updated for more analysis and charts With great success, last week’s theater experience continues to be in turmoil. On the plus side, domestic box office continues to rebound on the second weekend during the pandemic. Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring Earn income $ 9.7 million Second Friday, estimated 3 days-67% $ 31.8 million This is the fourth biggest second weekend following the September release. that ($60.1M), It’s Chapter 2 ($ 39.6M), and Hotel Transylvania 2 ($ 33.1M). Disney After Marvel’s photo record Labor Day frame opened last weekend for $ 94.6 million, the rest of the year’s domestic release slate announced that it would respect theater windows ranging from 30-45 days per photo. bottom. It ’s wonderful, is n’t it?

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Hit theaters before Streaming Bow, including Disney’s “Eternals,” “West Side Story,” “Encant,” and “Last Duel.”

But then Universal decided to take the sequel to the solid franchise they held during the pandemic, Halloween kill, This is what happened seriously, coupled with the news that Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO of Paramount and a great respect for theater windows, will leave the studio as ViacomCBS doubles the streaming service Paramount +. Are you doing Do you think the town intends to sit on the couch and watch over the cell phones forever? The big screen is a great product curation, why not get it? If you still don’t know what’s great, how do you need to sift the ocean of streaming menu titles?

Warner Brothers

Warner Bros., which turned the post-Labor Day frame into a blockbuster frame, is staring at 2017 that (At the $ 123.4 million opening), and continues to dominate it in horror movies It’s Chapter 2 ($ 91 million) so ($ 53.8M), Stephen King’s newline adaptation should look forward to regaining that rule this weekend next year Salem lot, Inspired by James Wan’s Dario Argento this weekend. Malignant After Friday’s $ 2 million, it hasn’t cut it completely with a theater debut of $ 5.5 million per Warner Bros. via Newline.The photo is primed in slot 2, but we can always rely on HBO Max To suck up the gloss, the title actually split the audience on C CinemaScore, and worse, PostTrak ended up with 59% positive, and most critics said 77% fresh Rotten Tomatoes on the photo. Despite giving a score, it is a clear recommendation of 38%. The movie had a big twist on the ending, so it was difficult for WarnerMedia to market the movie. If you dig deeper into the reviews, you’ll find that the photos are terrible. Lindsey Bahr of the Associated Press said: MalignantTo be honest, the theater may be the best bet. That way, at least, you’ll be totally shocked and laughed at with your peers, “said Wang, who said,” Thankfully, it’s a sadistic movie with no humor, and it captures real emotions. , I can’t make any meaningful statements about trauma. ” Eak. One and Warner Bros. made an easy transition from this failure.He is already in production Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. If you’re in TIFF, you won’t be able to watch movies on your mobile phone because HBO Max isn’t available in the country. Go to Cineplex to see it or rent it at PVOD. Malignant, I heard that it cost $ 40 million before the P & A and was a collaboration between Starlight and NewLine.

Malignant 68% were drawn in between the ages of 18 and 34, and 57% of the true movie fans who came out during the pandemic were men and 68% over the age of 25. The breakdown of diversity was 42% white, 25% Latin, 18% black, and 15% Asian. Pic’s best ticket sales were in the west and south, with LA venues dominating, filling the top 10 runs with two from San Antonio.

Card counter

Focus Features has Paul Schrader’s Noir Card counter 86% certified fresh of rotten tomatoes after launch in Venice. Photos set to rank 7 are $ 1.05 million After Friday’s $ 420,000, the theater averaged $ 180,000 at 580 locations in 127 markets. The film was a 17-day window with several OK runs in New York, LA, Phoenix, San Diego and Austin. The arthouse isn’t screaming, but it’s a notable take of a limited focus release currently taking place in less than 1,000 theaters, just behind Anthony Bourdain’s documentary. Michibasiri It opened to nearly $ 2 million in 927 theaters and ended at $ 5.2 million.Nominated for Schroeder’s Oscar Whereabouts of the soul In the summer of 2018, Memorial Day weekend four theaters began releasing the platform for $ 975,000 and eventually ended in the state for $ 3.4 million.

Sony Afarm had a faith-based title from producer Kendrick Brothers. Show my father Had made $ 275,000 On Friday $ 750,000 Get from 1,073 locations. We haven’t reviewed it yet, but 88% and 67% of people who saw it recommended it and enjoyed it. Pics were 53% male, 71% 35+, 52% 45+, 63% Caucasian, 15% Black, 17% Asian / Other, and 5% Latin. Pic played on tracks based on the Midwest and South beliefs and had the strongest draw in the Southeast. Rick Altizer’s film features a fascinating story interwoven with inspiring truths about God’s paternity.

1.) Xiangqi (Dis) 4,300 theater money $ 9.7 million (-67%), 3 days $ 31.8 million (-58%), Total: $ 141.6 million/ 2 weeks

2.) Malignant (NL) 3,485 Theater Fri $ 2 million/ 3 days $ 5.5 million/ 1 week

3.) Free Guy (20th) 3,650 Theater (-235) / Fri $ 1.47 million (-30%) / 3 days $ 5.2 million (-41%) / total $ 101.2 million/ 5 weeks

Four.) candy man (Uni) 3,279 (-290) Theater / Fri $ 1.38 million (-52%) / 3 days $ 4.25 million (-59%) / Total $ 47.4 million/ 3 weeks

Five.) Jungle cruise (Dis) 2,800 (-275) Theater / Fri $ 571K (-36%) / 3 days $ 2.2 million (-45%) / total $ 109.6 million/ 7 weeks

6.) Foot patrol (Par) 2,820 (-184) Theater / Fri $ 490,000 (-50%) / 3 days $ 1.87 million (-53%) / total $ 34.2 million/ 4 weeks

7. ) Card counter (Focus) 580 Theater / Fri $ 420,000/ 3 days $ 1.05 million/ 1 week


‘Shang-Chi’ Powerful second weekend, over $ 31 million. “Malignant” Death-Deadline

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