Riverdale | Cole Sprouse changed Lili Reinhart and introduced his new girlfriend | Spoiler

Soon, Riverdale it became one of the most watched mystery and fiction series in the world. Her story, her characters and her setting were worthy of admiration, but even so, those who managed to win everyone’s hearts were Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, the interpreters of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, the most beloved couple in the series.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse during the Riverdale recordings. Photo: (Stream CW)

In fact, such was the chemistry they showed so much Cole Sprouse like Lili Reinhart whose love went on screen and made them one of the most loved couples in the world. But, this relationship that lasted three long years, where every day a lot of love was shown through social networks, came to an end.

It was last year, during the pandemic, when it began to speculate that the actors had ended their romance and, later, they were the ones who confirmed it. So much so that, at present, both have rebuilt their lives and, although it is unknown if Reinhart is related to another person, it was confirmed that Sprouse has another love.

Lili Reinhart y Cole Sprouse. Foto: (Getty)

Lili Reinhart y Cole Sprouse. Foto: (Getty)

It’s about Ari Fournier, a 22-year-old model with whom he was seen for the first time at a romantic dinner in a restaurant and, later, they starred in a kissing and hugging session in the street. However, so far, neither has expressed either confirming or denying their romance, but now, it was Cole who decided to make their courtship public.

Through a postcard posted on Instagram, Cole Sprouse, who in addition to his love for acting, is also dedicated to photography, wrote: β€œtippi and the burds”To accompany an image of your partner thus confirming your relationship. Of course, this indirect message, his fans did not like him, who commented that it was not the time to talk about a new partner yet.


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Riverdale | Cole Sprouse changed Lili Reinhart and introduced his new girlfriend | Spoiler

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