Ravelli’s wonderful message after the heart operation: “Then I could barely walk around the house”

Thomas Ravelli was forced to undergo extensive heart surgery.

Last week, he took his first running steps after the procedure.

– You must probably be grateful that you managed it, says the 94-hero.

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Thomas Ravelli has always measured the best in social contexts. But how does he react when the only alternative is to avoid meeting people as much as possible?

He uses the time to reflect.

– It’s probably like that after going through such a thing as I did. It’s quite nice to not have to tell everyone you meet what you’ve been through and so on. You take care of yourself, more or less. Together with my wife and my children, of course, he says.

It has been nine weeks and two days since the heart operation he was forced to undergo.

– I was out running on Saturday, and then I had surgery on Tuesday. I did not feel myself from the heart defect I had. The heart had acclimatized to those heartbeats. It had gotten used to hitting in a different way. Had I gone too long with this heart defect, my heart would have been beaten. Then I would have had heart failure instead, he says.

Barely managed to walk around the house

In other words, surgery was vital. He is happy and grateful that the mistake has been fixed.

– But it takes time to come back. It makes it. It was seen that Henrik Lundqvist was forced to walk around the hospital with a walker after the operation, when I got home after a week I could barely walk around the house, says Ravelli.

Ravelli out jogging after the operation.

But it’s moving forward.

– Last Monday I started jogging. Very, very calm. I have been walking all the time. Longer and longer. I jog every other day, and walk every other day.

– I take my usual trip of three and a half kilometers or so, but I go uphill. I can do nothing else. It is probably one to two minutes slower than it was in June, he says.

“Unfortunately, I can not finish”

But that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the 40 extra kilos load over the back that the doctors estimated that the heart defect meant for Ravelli is on its way away. And that he’s fine.

– Yes, then. It’s enough, I think. It’s just to adapt. It gets a little long-winded to be at home, but you have got used to the pandemic. I’m 60, it would probably have been worse if I had been in my 40s. I can do most things I did before, but unfortunately I can no longer stand in the goal. That is probably the only difference, he says.

Expected to be better after Christmas

On November 15, the idea is for Ravelli to end his sick leave, but it can be extended. After Christmas, the plan is for him to be significantly better. But so far in the future he does not want to think. He has seldom done that.

– The most important thing for me is that I get well and that I can finish my sick leave. So that I can return to my life.

Can you feel a greater appreciation for life now?

– I have not had time to get a proper distance yet. There is a risk of complications and even death. Gratitude, you feel it and a joy thanks to the fact that I can see a light. But I probably had that feeling and gratitude before. Because I got it and what I have, says Thomas Ravelli.



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Ravelli’s wonderful message after the heart operation: “Then I could barely walk around the house”

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