Raul Fernandez attacks: “The moral champion is me, not Gardner: the team didn’t help me”

Harsh words from the Spaniard, Moto2 vice world champion behind his teammate, against team Ajo: “Nobody knew how to ride me and my team of mechanics, but the numbers say what I did”

That he is a smoking type and at times difficult to control, it had already been understood several times in his first season of Moto2, but no one expected that Raul Fernandez would make his debut in MotoGP by openly attacking Aki Ajo’s team, the reference one. of KTM in the lower classes, and belittling the victory of his partner Remy Gardner, by his side also in 2022 in the KTM Tech3 structure.

moral victory

Interviewed by ‘motorsport.com’, in fact, the terrible rookie capable of beating Marc Marquez’s Moto2 record with 8 wins, 12 podiums and 7 pole positions, but in the end he was defeated by 4 points against the Australian (5 victories , 12 podiums and 3 poles), he didn’t spare himself. “The problem we had is that no one knew how to ride us and that’s why we didn’t take the crown,” Fernandez said. It is clear that I was not the champion, but morally I have very clear in my head that I have obtained something that has a lot of value. The problem we had is that my whole team, and when I say my team, I mean my mechanics – and I was very lucky to find such a special group -, they were inexperienced and no one knew how to lead us. And that’s why we don’t have the title today, but morally it was proved by the result that I’m the strongest rider, with more wins, pole, fastest laps … Remy is the champion, he got more points, but with speed that I had and being like a fish swimming against the current, I feel morally champion. What we have done, being all new and getting to know each other this year, is impressive. ”

without guide

All done? No, because after having denied the words of his partner who said he had won the title thanks to greater “perseverance and intelligence”, Fernandez went down even harder: “I missed a hand to guide us, a hand who would tell us, like little children before tripping over a stone, to be careful. A figure who guided us and opened the way for us, a figure who wanted to help us win, not a figure who put stones and obstacles in our way so that we would not be successful. This was the key. It is very nice to say that you are a champion when you have been racing in a category for six years, saying that I have been smarter. No, you weren’t the smartest, you were the one who had the fewest stones put in your way. ”

spanner in the works

And for Fernandez in this sense, it was his own team that put a spoke in the wheel. “Everyone can understand it however they want, but we know it. It cost us sweat and tears. In the middle of the year we talked and everyone (his mechanics; ed) was having a bad time, we were all impatient to finish the season. I am very happy with the year we spent and how we understood each other and we all fought in the same boat, and even despite those stones we managed to overcome them and win eight races as a rookie, something that no one had done before. When we were on the podium in Austin celebrating my win, there were people (in the garage) who didn’t speak or cheer. It is difficult, because when you are a driver and you are fighting for a dream, you need people by your side who really believe in you and who do not put a spoke in the wheel. There were some very difficult moments in my Moto2 year, due to people who didn’t believe in me, they made me doubt this brand, but in the end we will go with KTM in the same direction, rowing all together, and I am very motivated ”. When at the end of the first day of testing Gardner was asked to comment on the words of his teammate, the son of the world champion in 500 Wayne, he cut it short: “Who is the champion? You think what you want, it’s just bullshit ”.

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Raul Fernandez attacks: “The moral champion is me, not Gardner: the team didn’t help me”

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