Poole does the Curry, Golden State goes. Awakening Boston, the Texan derby is by Doncic

Golden State guard decisive against Charlotte, Celtics win in Orlando, Dallas beat San Antonio in a sprint


Golden State beats Charlotte at home with Jordan Poole overshadowing Steph Curry’s tough night, while Philadelphia hits the 4th consecutive success against Chicago. Important victories also for the Grizzlies, who overtake the Nuggets of a great Nikola Jokic, and for the Mavs, who find the victory on the difficult field of the San Antonio Spurs dragged by Jalen Brunson. The serene Celtics returns momentarily, victorious in Orlando with a great defense, while the Clippers are rampant in Minneapolis shooting with over 60% from the field. The program is closed by the successes of Cleveland, Sacramento, Indiana and Toronto.

Golden State Warriors- Charlotte Hornets 114-92

Winning when your best player is on a bad night is undoubtedly a sign of maturity and completeness, and the Golden State Warriors (6-1) have proven to possess these traits in home success against the Charlotte Hornets (5-4). Despite a Steph Curry with just 15 points with 6/15 shooting and 3/11 three-pointers – as well as 9 assists and 8 rebounds – the boys trained by coach Steve Kerr managed to propose an absolute level basketball, putting 18 on the scoresheet. triple and, above all, 33 team assists out of 42 goals scored (48.8% overall shooting). The “usual” Warriors, in short, despite a far from brilliant start in the 1st quarter. It was the match of Jordan Poole, an authentic Golden State light point with 31 points and 4 steals (+28 plus / minus) and an exceptional performance especially in movement without the ball and in catch and shoot situations, but it was the collective of Dubs to come out with higher quality than that of the opponents. Among the players of the Warriors finished in double figures also Gary Payton II, among the most decisive together with Poole to obtain success, especially in the defensive half. For the son of “The Glove” 14 points (6/9 shooting), 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 1 block in 17 ‘, as well as a stratospheric dunk signed in the 1st quarter. The Hornets struggled to find continuity in imposing their pace on the game and paid too much for the unexciting evening of LaMelo Ball (14 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 4 steals) but still played with good personality. Miles Bridges’ performance was extraordinary (32 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks), very good at combining explosiveness and body control, as well as having produced important numbers in the distance shot (5/9 from three). Charlotte missed the fire to be able to level up in the second part of the race. Golden State took her home in the 3rd period, overwhelmed 27-15, and was then good at resisting the return of the Hornets in the central part of the last quarter. Symbolic is the +15 basket 3 ‘from the siren with Payton’s steal against Ball, followed by Poole’s solo basket for 107-92.

Golden State: Poole 31 (11/21, 7/16 of three, 2/2 tl), Curry 15, Lee 15. Rebounds: Green 10. Assists: Curry 9. Charlotte: Bridges 32 (12/22, 5/9 from three, 3/4 tl), Hayward 23, Ball 14. Rebounds: Hayward 11. Assists: Ball 8.

Philadelphia 76ers- Chicago Bulls 103-98

Fourth consecutive win for Philly (6-2). Which arrives against a healthy opponent and despite the absence of 3/5 of the starting lineup. In addition to the usual sulky Simmons Coach Rivers also manages to do without Harris (Covid with symptoms) and Green (muscle problem, he will stay out at least 2 more races). Embiid takes care of making the absent forget. The African center scores 18 points, puts us close to 9 rebounds and 7 assists, Curry adds 22 points and the basket that closes the game with 10 ”on the clock, and the Bulls (6-2) have no escape this time. Although DeRozan scores 37 points, his highest of the season, and LaVine adds another 27 to the cause. This time, however, the comeback in the 4th quarter, after the feat from the Garden in Boston, remains “short” and so comes the eighth consecutive defeat of the franchise in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia: Curry 22 (7/10, 2/4 from three, 2/2 tl), Embiid / Niang 18. Rebounds: Embiid 9. Assist: Embiid 7. Chicago: DeRozan 37 (13/21, 0/1 from three , 11/12 tl), LaVine 27, Ball 13. Rebounds: Vucevic / DeRozan 10. Assist: Vucevic / Caruso 6.

Memphis Grizzlies-Denver Nuggets 108-106

The Grizzlies (5-3) dominate the 1st quarter, the Nuggets the 2nd, then from 104 all it flew intense until the last second. Memphis wins, dragged by Jackson’s 11 points in the 4th period, despite the usual fantastic Jokic and the super Barton of the evening keep the guests in the game. Morant is 1/2 from the line with 10 ”to play for the +2, the Joker has the close shot to force the extra, but ends up short on the first iron. Denver pays the 3-point 8/27, not even looking for a triple to win, on the last possession.

Memphis: Jackson 22 (2/5, 5/9 of three, 3/4 tl), Morant 18, Anderson / Bane 16. Rebounds: Jackson / Adams 8. Assists: Jones 7. Denver: Jokic 34 (9/15, 2/5 of three, 10/10 tl), Barton 26, Porter 12. Rebounds: Jokic / Porter 11. Assist: Barton 7.

San Antonio Spurs-Dallas Mavericks 108-109

The Mavs (5-3) win in the sprint in the second evening of a back to back. The Texan derby is won away thanks to Brunson, who scores 31 points, with 10 rebounds. Doncic adds the usual superstar ration, 23 points and 12 rebounds, and the Spurs (2-6) thus lose for the sixth time in their last seven outings. Free fall. Intense final: Walker triple scored with 4 ”to play which gives hope to the blacksilver, especially since Brunson then scores 0/2 for the free throws. But a terrible throw from Johnson, blocked by Marjanovic, turns into a turnover: with less than 3 ”available, the Spurs can’t even take the shot to try to win it.

San Antonio: Murray 23 (6/11, 2/7 of threes, 5/6 tl), Vassell 21, White 19. Rebounds: Murray 9. Assists: Murray 8. Dallas: Brunson 31 (8/13, 1/4 from three, 12/15 tl), Doncic / Hardaway 23. Rebounds: Doncic 12. Assists: Doncic 7.

Orlando Magic- Boston Celtics 79-92

The Boston Celtics (3-5) dominate Orlando (2-7) in the 3rd period (won 31-10) and conquer an important success in a very delicate moment for the team (before the match there was an internal confrontation between the players). An excellent defensive performance (Magic kept under 80 points, at 32.1% from the field and 20.9% from three) of the boys trained by coach Ime Udoka, enough to sustain a not so brilliant performance in the offensive half (41.8% shooting ). Great game by Jaylen Brown, author of 28 points shooting 10/17 from the field, badly backed this time by Jayson Tatum, who stopped at 14 with a complicated 4/16 from the field and 1/6 from three. The “old” Al Horford with 12 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 blocks in 26 ‘was fundamental for the success of the Celtics. Orlando’s performance was not good, ditched by the percentages from the field and the lack of clarity of his outsiders.

Orlando: Anthony 13 (4/18, 2/11 of three, 3/3 tl), Carter Jr. 13, Hampton 12. Rebounds: Carter Jr. 13. Assists: Carter Jr. 4. Boston: Brown 28 (10 / 17, 3/8 of three, 5/7 tl), Tatum 14, Horford / Williams III 12. Rebounds: Horford 12. Assists: Horford 7.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Los Angeles Clippers 115-126

The Clippers (3-4) play a great attacking game and outbid the Timberwolves (3-4) at the Target Center in Minneapolis, winning for the first time away from Los Angeles this season. Tyronn Lue’s team shot with 60.3% from the field (47/78 with 33 assists overall) and with 58.3% from the arc scoring 21 triples, and was dragged to success by the usual Paul George, protagonist with 32 points, 8 assists (8 turnovers) and 6 rebounds in 36 ‘. Reggie Jackson (29 points with 7 triples and 8 assists) and Nicolas Batum (20 points) also did well, with Terance Mann (17 points with 6/7 shooting) glowing from the bench. Minnesota worked well in attack but let go of the game midway through the 3rd period, never making significant contact. Useless to avoid the 4th defeat in the last five the 28 points of Anthony Edwards and the double double of 18 points and 11 rebounds of Karl-Anthony Towns.

Minnesota: Edwards 28 (11/21, 3/10 of three, 3/3 tl), Towns 18, Beasley 14. Rebounds: Towns 11. Assists: Beverley 8. Los Angeles: George 32 (11/18, 4/8 from three, 6/6 tl), Jackson 29, Batum 20. Rebounds: George 6. Assists: George 8.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Portland Trail Blazers 107-104

Fourth win in the last six for the Cleveland Cavaliers (5-4), led by the double doubles of Jarrett Allen (24 points and 17 rebounds) and Evan Mobley (11 points and 11 rebounds), despite the forced absences of Kevin Love and Lauri Markkanen (Covid protocol). A race decided only in the final possessions with the error of three by Damian Lillard that would have guaranteed the Blazers (3-5) at least the overtime. Superior, this time, the Cavaliers backcourt formed by Darius Garland (19 points and 10 assists) and Collin Sexton (21 points, 8/13 shooting) than the more qualitative and noble of the opponents with Lillard (26 points, 3/12 three) and McCollum (21 points).

Cleveland: Allen 24 (9/15, 0/1 da tre, 6/9 tl), Sexton 21, Garland 19. Rimbalzi: Allen 17. Assist: Garland 10. Portland: Lillard 26 (10/27, 3/12 da tre, 3/5 tl), Powell 23, McCollum 21. Rimbalzi: Nurkic 9. Assist: Lillard 8.

Sacramento Kings- New Orleans Pelicans 112-99

Sacramento (4-4) accelerates in the 4th period and overcomes the New Orleans Pelicans (1-8) at home with the decisive performances of Tyrese Haliburton, author of 7 of his 20 points in the decisive set (also 7 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks), and Harrison Barnes (23 points and 8 rebounds). The Kings produced good offensive basketball and sent seven of the nine players used in the rotations in double digits for points scored. The impact from the bench by Alex Len (12 points and 5 blocks) and Davion Mitchell (12 points and 8 assists) was fundamental. The Pelicans, sunk in the last quarter 20-12 and without Brandon Ingram, are still stuck in a single win of the season.

Sacramento: Barnes 23 (5/8, 4/6 of three, 9/10 tl), Haliburton 20, Fox 19. Rebounds: Barnes 8. Assists: Mitchell 8. New Orleans: Graham 16 (5/10, 4/8 from three, 2/2 tl), Alexander-Walker 16, Valanciunas / Lewis Jr. 14. Rebounds: Valanciunas 11. Assist: Graham 7.

Indiana Pacers-New York Knicks 111-98

The Pacers (3-6) finally seem to be in gear. The Knicks dominate (5-3) leading for 48 ‘, from start to finish. From the initial 11-0, a flying start. The return of Brogdon makes the difference, Indy keeps the Knicks under 100 points. In attack, Turner’s 7 three-pointers are then the wild card of the evening for Coach Carlisle. The Knicks find Noel, making his seasonal debut, and with a basket from Rose, which crosses the 12,000 points in his career, they go back to 83-85, but then they are unable to stay in contact. Coach Thibodeau at the end of the match complains about the defense of his boys.

Indiana: Turner 25 (2/4, 7/10 da tre), LeVert 21, Brogdon 17. Rimbalzi: Turner 13. Assist: Brogdon 7. New York: Barrett 23 (6/14, 2/6 da tre, 5/7 tl), Randle 18, Fournier 14. Rimbalzi: Randle 14. Assist: Walker 4.

Washington Wizards-Toronto Raptors 100-109

Fifth success in a row for the Canadians in the challenge between revelations of this start of the season. The Raptors (6-3) make it their own by riding the 33 points of VanVleet, his highest of the season, winning even without the freshman Barnes, bruised. The Wizards (5-3) pay the modest 3-point 8/32, Harrell’s good performance from the bench is not enough to repeat the success obtained against the same opponent two weeks ago, on the occasion of the Raptors’ first home season. Bad night for Kuzma, who shoots 1/10 and exits prematurely (right arm).

Washington: Beal 25 (6/13, 2/5 of three, 7/7 tl), Harrell 15, Neto 14. Rebounds: Harrell 10. Assists: Beal 7. Toronto: VanVleet 33 (10/16, 3/6 from tre, 4/4 tl), Anunoby 21, Trent / Mykhailiuk 15. Rebounds: Achiuwa 10. Assists: VanVleet 6

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Poole does the Curry, Golden State goes. Awakening Boston, the Texan derby is by Doncic

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