Piacenza also passes to Modena. And Padua beats Trento. Michieletto is injured

Bernardi’s team slips the fourth victory in a row. Monza conquers Ravenna

Modena-Piacenza 1-3

(25-20, 21 25, 20-25, 23-25)

Piacenza maintains its unbeaten run, while Modena is in the second defeat in three games played. At the beginning Piacenza opts for Holt owner with Rossard and Recine of the band, Giani still ranks Sanguinetti among the owners. Mazzone’s second block on Holt is worth 14-14, then again on the service of Sala junior Leal transforms the replay of +1. At 18-18 Stankovic enters for an excellent Sanguinetti so far, Bruno defends and Abdel Aziz replays on 20-18 and crushes the penalty of +3 in the face of Recine. A Leal on the ball gives four set balls to Modena: the first is enough thanks to Stankovic’s ace for the 25-20. In the second set, Ngapeth immediately takes the chair. From 6-2, Piacenza returns to 6 even with Abdel Aziz crashing into the wall of the ‘little’ Recine and Leal struggling in reception. Another blaze from Ngapeth brings Modena to 16-15 which becomes 19.16 after Bruno’s defense. From the wrong support of +4 we arrive at 19-21 with the ace of Recine, the double error of Ngapeth. Another double ace from Recine who signs the break of 6 to 0 for the guests. Modena throws the set away and Piacenza picks up and puts the arrow. Recine himself, even in the third, continues to be master of the field (7-9). Lagumdzija finds rhythm, his series in service) is worth 8-13. Modena is completely in doll: 14-21 with Van Garderen replacing Leal again. Piacenza ready to overtake: Modena from 16-24 goes 20-24 then Rossard closes the set. In the fourth Modena tries to react is played point by point, but Piacenza has more energy and wins with merit

The experience of Simon and Lucarelli, the explosiveness of Yant’s best youth (mvp) and Garcia are the weapons that allow Civitanova to interrupt the series of three consecutive defeats. With attack and a service that grew with the passing of the decisive sets in the presence of a Verona that fought with an indomitable Mozic, a good service and spectacular defenses, but yielding on the long path to the strength and desire for success of the tricolors. Lube still in great emergency due to the absences of the injured Juantorena and Kovar, in addition to that of Zaytsev, with a forced sextet on the field, also without De Cecco on the bench due to the limit of foreigners on the field. First set with Civitanova who tries to force the serve but it will then be that of Verona to be more precise and punctual in the partial. Adriatici who, thanks to Lucarelli’s serve, dig the break of 12-9. Mozic tries to bring back under his own and then Blengini plays the double change Marchisio-De Cecco to insert the starting setter on the field for a few minutes. Simon’s attacking error (17-16) rekindles the Verona engine but it is a mocking touch under the net by Garcia (8 points and 64%) to send back the attempted comeback of the guests (20-17) opening the way towards the success in the first set despite the Veronese serve trying to keep the challenge open by canceling two of the four balls set to the red and white. In the second Lube that in addition to the attack and the excellent performance of Yant finally finds effectiveness in the service with several aces (4) that bend the opponent’s resistance. On the contrary, Verona remains effective in defense but is less present in the serve: so Simon becomes the protagonist first under the net and then at the service with the ace that extends the red and white advantage to 16-12. Lucarelli and Yant assert themselves in attack by crashing the last resistances of Stoytchev’s team that collapses 19-13, has the strength not to leave the game thanks to Mozic (9 and 80%) but not to go back to the accumulated disadvantage that allows the Lube to clock the 2-0. Verona tries to mess up the plans of the Marche with a sprint start in the third but the ascent of the tricolors is slow but inexorable with Garcia stamping the ace of overtaking (13-12) before the 4-0 break that cuts the legs arrives to the boys of Stoytchev and gives the decisive push to Lube to return to success from three points. (Mauro Giustozzi)

Vibo Valentia-Milan 0-3

Colpaccio of Milan in Calabria. The Japanese Nishida-Ishikawa derby is won by the most experienced Japanese with the team of coach Piazza who conquers the Pala Maiata with a score of 0-3. Meneghini, dragged by a super Patry, more solid in front of a Callipo tuna involved and distant relative of the team that shone last year. Piazza confirms the starting line-up with Porro in directing, Patry opposite, Piano and Chinenyeze in the center, Ishikawa and Jaeschke of the band, Pesaresi free. Baldovin responds with Saitta to the dribble, Nishida opposite, Flavio and Gargiulo in the center (Candellaro, as in Modena, still on the bench), Borges and Souza in place four, Rizzo free. Milan starts strong and goes straight to 1-5 with Ishikawa’s pipe and with Souza’s mistake in attack. 4-9 after Jaeschke’s ace and first discretionary timeout called by coach Baldovin. Milan suffers from P1 and Vibo is back under 11-12 after Flavio’s block on Patry (this time it is coach Piazza who calls for time). Nishida, after a couple of deadly attacks, is walled up from place four (16-20 and new Baldovin timeout). Piano walls Souza, 19-24 and Jaeschke puts the seal on the first set with the winning attack which is worth 20-25. Vibo starts strong in the second set going 3-0. Nishida attacks the ball which is worth 8-5. Milan tries to get back under, but Saitta’s wall on Jaeschke makes Vibo go up to 12-9. Maximum advantage for the Giallorossi at home on 16-12 after Patry’s diagonal out. The match increases in intensity with the two teams battling blow for blow. The newcomer Candellaro stops Chinenyeze on the wall and brings his team to 19-15. The central Olympic champion is not there and with two consecutive walls mends the tear, 20-18. 21-20 and in Partenio for Saitta. The Nishida diagonal is surgical, 24-22. Piazza shuffles the cards: Maiocchi on the serve and Mosca in the front line and the latter blocks the Souza pipe, 24-24. 25-24 Vibo, but the referees and electronic referees wrap up assigning the point 25-23 to Vibo. A macroscopic error that causes the match to lose many minutes of play. Piano and Mosca murano Borges twice and Milan makes the set his own, 29-31. The Calabrians try to get up by opening the third set well, 5-2 after Souza’s attack. The newly entered Basic (on the field instead of an off Borges) scores the 8-6. Chinenyeze still unleashed on the wall, 10-10. Patry is a fury and finds the ace that brings Milan forward 13-14. It is played point by point, between one mistake after another and it goes up to 21-21. Patry, 23-24, is worth the first match ball. Flavio’s mistake in attack, 23-25, and a victory for Milan which makes the whole stake its own.

Ravenna-Monza 0-3

(17-25, 19-25, 25-19, 14-25)

The good news, to begin with: Giuseppe Brusi and Daniele Ricci met again at Pala De Andrè, who solved their respective physical problems and returned here where they won everything. Moving on to the pitch, however, it was very clear already with the bowls stopped that there would be no good news for Consar Rcm, but the final 1-3 for Vero Volley Monza showed the Ravenna public a very good home team. more concrete than the disastrous and disastrous version that had given the green light to Taranto in the previous home match. The debut of Comparoni is promising, a former on duty who will not struggle to find a place in the sextet in Ravenna, something that is impossible in Brianza. Proud Klapwijk, on the other hand Grozer and Dzavoronok a cut above all. True Volleyball immediately pushes to serve to make things clear (2-6), then immediately stretches without any problem (4-10) since it attacks with 75% and on the other side of the net there are no signs of life , especially on the wall, at least until 10-15 signed by Erati. Monza closes easy on the second occasion. Second set with Klapwijk scoring the first point, but it is less of a flash in the pan because Grozer and Davyskiba place a 1-5 break that immediately overturns the set. Consar, however, grits her teeth especially in defense and remains fairly in contact with the Lombards (10-13), then Fusaro is exalted and the hosts arrive at 13-14. Not enough, because a foul whistled against Davyskiba, an ace from Vukasinovic and an invasion by Grozer make 18-17 and De Andrè finally raises his voice. He was quickly silenced by an attack on three meters by Dzavoronok, a block on Klapwijk and an ace by Grozer (18-21), the first steps of a terrifying final break of 1-8 for Monza. Balance at the beginning of the third set (6-5), then Zanini throws Comparoni in and Consar Rcm, even with her attack, gains the maximum advantage of the Romagna evening on 10-7. But the young central of the junior national team does not stop and even places three consecutive aces sending his former teammates into confusion (14-7). Now the scenario has changed incredibly, Eccheli inserts Beretta for Grozdanov but the Vero Volley is no longer there, collects errors and Ravenna reopens it. Consar insists at the beginning of the fourth (4-2), but it is a flash in the pan that is extinguished by the growth of the host wall and the physiological decline of almost all of Zanini’s men. Monza wins easy fourth and game, Ravenna knows that to hope for a salvation that remains very difficult it must continue along the path taken in the third set. (Sandro Camerani)

Taranto-Perugia 1-3

Perugia grants only one set to Taranto and takes away the three points from Palamazzola thanks to a performance that is barely sufficient but that is enough to get the victory and remain undefeated. Match full of errors from the bottom line (18 for Taranto and 22 for Perugia) in which the difference was made by the dribble of Giannelli – who has a task that is not easy at all, that is to keep all his forwards in the game – and the aces of Leon who took their opponents breath away in the fourth set. Taranto, fresh from the away match in Monza and therefore with less chance to better prepare for this match than a Perugia that came from a period of rest (last official match played last October 23, resisted only in the second set. In this partial the rossoblù finally found a Sabbi at high levels (8 points, 83% positivity in attack), decisive with the points of 24-23 and 25-23 and leader of a comeback that seemed unexpected given that Perugia had moved forward ( At this juncture there was, perhaps, a pinch of presumption of coach Grbici who at 15-18 changed the diagonal setter-opposite holder (Giannelli-Rychlicki) to insert the couple Travica-Ter Horst, except retrace his steps on the score of 22-22. First, third and fourth sets had the same cliché with Taranto that up to half of each set managed to keep up with Perugia who when he wanted to accelerate he did it with conviction nor thanks to the snags obtained with his top strikers.

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Piacenza also passes to Modena. And Padua beats Trento. Michieletto is injured

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