Photos of Brooke Shields and Mila Jojovich from The Blue Lagoon

“The blue Lagoon” (The Blue Lagoon) was one of the most controversial and at the same time popular films of the eighties. It was released in 1980 with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins as the main characters. The paradisiacal landscapes of Malta and Fiji undoubtedly gave the film based on the novel a great visual appeal. The Blue Lagoon de Henry De Vere Stacpoole.

Despite being very criticized, the success at the box office was resounding, between the curiosity and the drama of seeing the history of shipwrecked teenagers growing up isolated on an island.

Brooke Shields

Shields rose to fame from an early age, becoming a fashion icon and one of the industry’s darlings. She was the girl everyone wanted to be in the eighties, with her charisma, her thick hair and her glamorous way to dress.

The character of Emmeline was extremely controversial as Shields was barely 15 years old and was already doing erotic scenes. To date, even she has brought up the debate on the sexualization of child stars on screen.

brooke shields

“The Blue Lagoon” was what catapulted the actress to the big leagues, making her even dominate in the world of fashion. Despite the fame, Brooke began to feel out of place. The actress faced various scandals until she made the decision to step away from the spotlight to focus on her college career and personal life.

Although he continued to appear on television series, Shields preferred to prioritize other issues. Today, she is radiant and continues to steal sighs with her natural beauty.

brooke shields

The return to the Blue Lagoon

The sequel to “The Blue Lagoon”, called “The Return to the Blue Lagoon” (Return to the Blue Lagoon) was just as controversial but did not exceed the success of the first. The film was released in 1991 and although its protagonists were Milla Jovovich y Brian Krause, refers to its predecessor as well as follows the line of romance, drama, eroticism and adventure.

The script for this sequel is based on the novel The Garden of God de Henry De Vere Stacpoole.

milla jojovich

The plot revolves around some children who were left on a paradise island in the Pacific Ocean after anger broke out in their town. Although they learn to survive and be happy in that environment desert, the physical and emotional changes that they present lead them to fall in love.

It is worth mentioning that the opening scene links the events of the final scene of the first film, where a ship is shown that finds Emmeline, Richard and their son Paddy.

Mile jojovich

milla jojovich

The Ukrainian actress is one of the most beautiful in the industry, in addition to being multifaceted. She was a cover star at age 11, became a supermodel, and also sparked a lot of controversy when she took on the role of “Lilli” in “Return to the Blue Lagoon.” Although she was different from the character of Brooke Shields, the comparisons were inevitable as both women were beautiful and did erotic scenes that were highly criticized for their age. (Brooke 14 years old and Milla 13 years old)

milla jojovich

The actress also released a critically acclaimed Ukrainian folk-rock album and became an alien superhero in The Fifth Element, all before turning 20.

Now 45, Milla can say she has a long list of hits under her belt. Among his most outstanding projects are The fifth element (1997), and starred The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999). the saga of Resident Evil. Although she has moved away from acting, she is still very active promoting personal projects and focusing on her family.

milla jojovich

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Photos of Brooke Shields and Mila Jojovich from The Blue Lagoon

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