Parade of blue, there is the Gran Gala of snow and ice: live from 18.30 on

The echo of the very successful edition of the Alpine Ski World Championships, which last February offered two weeks of highly spectacular competitions, still echoes in the Conca d’Ampezzo. And tonight in Cortina, at the Alexander Girardi Hall in via Marangoi 1, some blue protagonists of the world championship, and with them all the best Italians of the past winter sports season, will parade on the catwalk in the now classic midsummer event: the Grand Gala of Snow and Ice, organized by Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian Winter Sports Federation and the Cortina Foundation, with the patronage of the Municipality of Cortina and the collaboration of the Italian Ice Sports Federation. The appointment, open to the public, is at 6.30 pm (live streaming on the Gazzetta website) and will be an opportunity to celebrate the many successes of 2020/21 as well as to test the moods and expectations of the big Azzurri on the threshold of the season. it will culminate with the Beijing Olympic Games, from 4 to 20 February.


Alpine skiing will first show off the two queens Marta Bassino and Sofia Goggia. The twenty-five-year-old from Cuneo, winner of the Giant’s World Cup, will return to breathe the air most dear to her so far. In fact, in Cortina, on February 16, she took the gold medal in the parallel slalom, the icing on the cake of the consecration season, which saw her undisputed number 1 among the wide posts, with four victories and a third place . The 28-year-old from Bergamo, on the other hand, returns to where in those days she had shed bitter tears, due to the injury to her right knee which, a few days before the World Cup, after the poker of victories in the Cup descents, had denied her the possibility of going to the assault of the first title, to be combined with the Olympic gold in PyeongChang. But it was in Cortina that the crazy idea of ​​lightning recovery also matured in order not to miss the specialty cup, which was then promptly won without having to resort to the last descent.


The applause will also go to the great revelation of the Cortina World Championships, the Trentino Luca De Aliprandini, splendid silver in the giant, and to the king of the descents Dominik Paris, although he remained at the foot of the podium in the world championships but returned to victory in the World Cup in one year since the serious knee injury suffered in the previous season. For the other disciplines, cross-country skiers Chicco Pellegrino, king of the sprint World Cup, will parade; the snowboarder Michela Moioli, twice vice world champion; the queen of biathlon Dorothea Wierer; world number one in ski mountaineering Robert Antonioli; sled runner Kevin Fischnaller; the three-time bronze short track Pietro Sighel; the two leading exponents of curling Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner; the multi-medalized Paralympic Giuseppe Romele. Then, as in every edition, there will also be the legend award, destined for a great champion of the past. This time it will be the turn of the legend Piero Gros, Olympic and world champion, as well as winner of a crystal ball, the one who in 1972 became the youngest winner in the Alpine Skiing World Cup. In short, on the eve of the Tokyo Games, here is a big party to launch the other blue sport, that of winter disciplines, in the Olympic climate. Which right here, in 2026, will return to live its five-circle moment twenty years after the unforgettable edition of Turin.

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Parade of blue, there is the Gran Gala of snow and ice: live from 18.30 on

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