Nicolas Winding Refn: ‘Tim a Amazon Prime Video con Too Old To Die Young’

Nicolas Winding Refn He is an atypical director. The filmmaker, responsible for successes such as Drive O The Neon Demon, came with force to Hollywood after becoming a proper name in Danish cinema. In love with Lost, a couple of years ago they released Too Old To Die Young, an ambitious series that was even screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Like all his works, it caused confusion, polarized locals and strangers, and reopened a great debate around his narration, his audiovisual aesthetics and his claims. But how could a director as controversial as Winding Refn count on a blank check worth millions of dollars from Amazon Prime Video? Well with enough art and luck (va The confidential).

This is how I put it to Amazon Prime Video: Story of a success, a engao and an unprecedented scare

There is an explanation to all this matter and the filmmaker himself has confessed it in an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia that it is not wasted. “The only reason why Too Old To Die Young exists is because, At the time, Amazon Studios were so happy with me and with The Neon Demon They distributed the film in the United States who told me: Do what you want, we will pay you ‘“He starts. In those months, the director was the jewel in the crown of a fledgling Amazon Prime Video, which was starting to produce original content to compete with Netflix on multiple fronts. One of the streaming portal executives was obsessed with Winding Refn movies. He was so in love with the director’s work, that he projected all his works as video art on the walls of his house. The success of The Neon Demon He led them to approve their next project without paying much attention to what might come of it.

“Amazon gave me a blank check and I told them the idea I had to do this series and they said: Great, we do it! And then they forgot about me “, aade. Durante meses, Winding Refn he had hardly any supervision. He was shooting his production, mounting it and preparing it. Your project of 13 hours of television and 10 chapters it was taking shape. When he met again with the managers and executives of the portal, his eyebrows arched. No one knew what he was spending the money on and they did not recall having passed any kind of series of that magnitude.. But the investment had been gigantic and it was almost dynamited. “It was a time when the studio had hired one, fired another, hired the other. The new manager who had just arrived, realized that it was too late to stop the project the one that they had forgotten and that I had already finished. And when they went to the viewing room, they were freaked out. But much“, he admits with a laugh.

“They had forgotten about my project, they did not remember having approved it; when they went to the viewing room they were scared”

Those were moments of panic at Amazon. “They realized they couldn’t change it, it was done! So they told me: We will bury it among all our content. And I told them: In the digital age, how are you going to bury something? The second you are on the internet you are one click away ‘, he continues. Apparently, the management of Amazon Studios was scared of the content of sex, violence and long shots held in brothels in Los Angeles. They did not understand anything and did not understand how they could sell it to their subscribers. They had a millionaire auteur film project. “They had that old idea that they could make my series disappear. But they have not been able to do it, obviously. I also tell you that they will never do a series like this again. They will never allow it. Cast It gives me great satisfaction, knowing that, within this capitalist and immoral and inhuman and soulless system, there is this diamond, and there will always be. For me it is an incredible satisfaction. I feel like when Suicide put out their first record [Suicide, 1977], knowing at the end of the day that it would always exist, that it would never disappear, “he concludes.

Too Old To Die Young Prime

Too Old To Die Young has a luxury cast with Miles Teller, Jena Malone, Billy Baldwin, John Hawkes, Nell Tiger Free, Babs Olusanmokun, Callie Hernandez o Cristina Rodlo. The production will introduce us to the existential travels of different characters in the city of Los Angeles, mixing violence, visual and aesthetic beauty with existentialist thought. Through a story that mixes Mexican cartels, neighborhood mafias and corrupt policemen, Nicolas Winding Refn – a close friend of Hideo Kojima – does what he does best: surprise and enchant the viewer who is carried away by his proposals.


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Nicolas Winding Refn: ‘Tim a Amazon Prime Video con Too Old To Die Young’

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