MXGP: huge Cairoli, at 36 he wins the Pietramurata GP

There are 94 victories for the Sicilian, not yet in top form after the fall of Riola Sardo and feverish in recent days. Febvre, Herlings and Gajser in 3 points with 3 GPs from the end of the World Championship

Matteo Solinghi


When you least expect it, here is the Champion’s scratch. The one with a capital C, the same large character that you need to start writing Cairoli. Yes, because at 36 – and in Motocross, where with all the jumps, blows and vibrations the springs pass more quickly – the champion from Patti signs his 94th career victory. He does it in his own way, managing in Race 1 and dominating a second heat after a beautiful holeshot. Immense Tony, who transforms any Wednesday into a green-white-red party in Pietramurata for the lucky spectators who were able to take a day off to attend the umpteenth – and hopefully not last – victory of the 9-time world champion. The fight for the world title was also spectacular, with Herlings, Febvre and Gajser practically equal to 3 GPs from the end of the championship.

MXGP: Tony Cairoli gives applause

Rocket start of Tony Cairoli (Ktm), who hits the holeshot for a gap on his opponents. After half a lap the Sicilian already has almost 2 ”ahead of Jeremy Seewer (Yamaha). The Swiss is followed by Jorge Prado (Ktm), Benoit Paturel (Honda) and Glenn Coldenhoff (Yamaha). All behind the title contenders: Jeffrey Herlings (Ktm) is the one in the best position, starting around the sixth position, while Tim Gajser (Honda) starts 9th and Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) even 12th. After 5 ‘of the heats all the tops are in the top seven: Cairoli, Seewer, Coldenhoff, Herlings, Gajser, Prado and Febvre, with the latter playing absurd wild cards to recover ground, risking falling. Prado, not in top form, loses pace and Febvre takes advantage of it, sticking to Herlings’ rear wheel. The Spaniard is then hit by Pauls Jonass (Gas Gas), feeling the pinch and retiring. In the central part of the heat Tony increases the gap on Seewer, putting 5 ”between his Ktm and the opponent’s Yamaha. In the extra-time Coldenhoff loses his position on both Herlings and Febvre, while Cairoli continues to stretch. The Sicilian manages the advantage in the final lap and triumphs in front of the home crowd. For Cairoli it is the fifth career victory on the Trentino track.

MX2: Vialle twist

The surprises do not end in the midweek of Pietramurata: in Race 2 of MX2 a contact between the world leader Maxime Renaux (Yamaha) and the title contender Tom Vialle (Ktm) complicates things for both French riders. The reigning World Champion is forced to raise the white flag shortly after the accident with his compatriot, following a second fall, while the Yamaha standard bearer continues the race even if delayed. Space therefore for Rene Hofer (Ktm), with our Mattia Guadagnini (Ktm) 2nd and author – this time yes – of a good start. Good start also for Simon Laengenfelder (Gas Gas) and the usual Jed Beaton (Husqvarna). Bad start, however, for Jago Geerts (Yamaha), called to a comeback race. Few emotions during the race for the positions that matter: Hofer manages and wins Race 2 ahead of Guadagnini and Beaton, while Renaux recovered up to fourth position. Ruben Fernandez (Honda) closes the Top 5, ahead of Geerts, Laengenfelder, an excellent Andrea Adamo (Gas Gas), Thibault Benistant (Yamaha) and Mikkel Haarup (Kawasaki). An incredulous Rene Hofer climbs to the top step of the podium watching Jago Geerts and Ruben Fernandez from above.

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MXGP Race 1 classification

1. Romain Febvre (Fra-Kawasaki)

2. Tim Geiser (Slo-Honda)

3. Antonio Cairoli (Ita-Ktm)

4. Jeremy Seewer (All-Yamaha)

6. Ben Watson (Gb-Yamaha)

7. Glenn Coldenhoff (Ola-Yamaha)

8. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Dan-Husqvarna)

Henri Jacobi (Ger-Honda)

10. Jeremy Van Horebeek (Bel-Beta)

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MXGP Race 2 classification

1. Antonio Cairoli (Ita-Ktm)

2. Jeremy Seewer (All-Yamaha)

3. Tim Geiser (Slo-Honda)

Jeffrey Herlings (Ola-Ktm)

5. Romain Febvre (Fra-Kawasaki)

6. Glenn Coldenhoff (Ola-Yamaha)

7. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Dan-Husqvarna)

8. Brian Bogers (Ola-Gas Gas)

9. Ben Watson (Gb-Yamaha)

10. Pauls Jonass (Let-Gas Gas)

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MXGP day ranking

1. Antonio Cairoli (Ita-Ktm) 45 points

2. Tim Geiser (Slo-Honda) 42

3. Romain Febvre (Fra-Kawasaki) 41

4. Jeremy Seewer (All-Yamaha) 40

5. Glenn Coldenhoff (Ola-Yamaha) 29

6. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Dan-Husqvarna) 27

7. Ben Watson (Gb-Yamaha) 27

8. Brian Bogers (Ola-Gas Gas) 23

9. Henri Jacobi (Ger-Honda) 22

10. Jeremy Van Horebeek (Bel-Beta) 20

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MXGP championship standings

Jeffrey Herlings (Ola-Ktm) 573 points

2. Romain Febvre (Fra-Kawasaki) 572

3. Tim Geiser (Slo-Honda) 570

4. Jorge Prado (Spa-Ktm) 473

5. Antonio Cairoli (Ita-Ktm) 464

6. Jeremy Seewer (All-Yamaha) 451

7. Paul Jonass (Let-Gas Gas) 391

8. Glenn Coldenhoff (Ola-Yamaha) 369

9. Alessandro Lupino (Ita-Ktm) 266

10. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Dan-Husqvarna) 266

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MX2 Race 1 classification

Tom Vialle (Fra-Ktm)

2. Jago Geerts (Bel-Yamaha)

3. Ruben Fernandez (Spa-Honda)

5. Isak Gifting (All-Gas Gas)

6. Wilson Todd (Aus-Kawasaki)

Maxime Renaux (Fra-Yamaha)

8. Kay De Wolf (Ola-Husqvarna)

Simon Laengenfelder (Ger-Gas Gas)

10. Mikkel Haarup (Dan-Kawasaki)

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MX2 Race 2 classification

1. Rene Hofer (Aut-Ktm)

2. Mattia Guadagnini (Ita-Ktm)

Jed Beaton (Aus-Husqvarna)

Maxime Renaux (Fra-Yamaha)

5. Ruben Fernandez (Spa-Honda)

6. Jago Geerts (Bel-Yamaha)

Simon Laengenfelder (Ger-Gas Gas)

8. Andrea Adamo (Ita-Gas Gas)

9. Thibault Benistant (Fra-Yamaha)

10. Mikkel Haarup (Dan-Kawasaki)

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MX2 day ranking

1. Rene Hofer (Aut-Ktm) 43 points

2. Jago Geerts (Bel-Yamaha) 37

3. Ruben Fernandez (Spa-Honda) 36

4. Mattia Guadagnini (Ita-Ktm) 32

5. Maxime Renaux (Fra-Yamaha) 32

6. Simon Laengenfelder (Ger-Gas Gas) 26

7. Jed Beaton (Aus-Husqvarna) 25

8. Wilson Todd (Aus-Kawasaki) 25

9. Tom Vialle (Fra-Ktm) 25

10. Mikkel Haarup (Dan-Kawasaki) 22

Motocross World Championship 2021, Pietramurata GP: MX2 championship standings

1. Maxime Renaux (Fra-Yamaha) 595 punti

2. Jago Geerts (Bel-Yamaha) 508

3. Tom Vialle (Fra-Ktm) 492

4. Mattia Guadagnini (Ita-Ktm) 475

5. Jed Beaton (Aus-Husqvarna) 454

6. Rene Hofer (Aut-Ktm) 436

7. Thibault Benistant (Fra-Yamaha) 384

8. Kay De Wolf (Ola-Husqvarna) 384

9. Ruben Fernandez (Spa-Honda) 364

10. Simon Laengenfelder (Ger-Gas Gas) 271

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MXGP: huge Cairoli, at 36 he wins the Pietramurata GP

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