Sanremo youth 2021: five questions to Littamè in the race with “Fuck you have to watch”

Among the 12 finalists of Sanremo young there is Littamè, artist chosen by Amadeus among the 21 winners of Area Sanremo 2021. On the occasion of the launch of his single, You fucking have to watch, out for Matilde Dischi/Artist First from Monday 13 December, we had a chat with the girl.

Angelica Littamè, in art Littamè, was born in 1996 in Monselice (PD) and from an early age she approached the world of music, listening to great international and national pop artists such as Coldplay, Florence + the Machine, Levante, Elisa e Negramaro among others.

At 16 he began taking singing lessons and from that moment he performed in evenings and events in his area. Graduated in History and Protection of Cultural Heritage, the passion for music also combines that for volleyball, playing at a competitive level in the Conselve.

In 2020 he feels the need to tell his life and his emotions in music, and starts writing his own songs.

You fucking have to watch is an incisive song with a pop sound with electronic veins written by herself Littamè with Stefano Paviani e Laguna who also took care of its production.

In the single, the artist energetically sings a hymn to the freedom to be oneself, beyond all judgments and preconceptions: a strong message, which invites us not to be afraid to show our frailties to the outside world. Here’s how he tells it …

Shit you have to watch speaks of an experience really lived on the skin of people close to me. The message I want to convey with this passage is that words can hurt, they should not be used lightly.

We often don’t know the story of who we are in front of, so we pay attention to what we say, because sometimes their world is already in pieces.

Five questions to Littamè …

Hello Angelica, congratulations for this goal achieved. What does it mean for you to go on stage in Sanremo young people?

Thank you so much. Getting on that stage is a starting point for me, it means that if you never give up and believe in it, sooner or later the moment comes when your dream begins to take shape. It means fear, adrenaline, charge, emotion.

How would you define your music and how would you define yourself as an artist?

My music is a means of expressing what I cannot say, I would call it a piece of life. I do not know how to best define myself, I would say that I am tenacious and determined, but at times also fragile and insecure.

The song that you will present in the competition is called “Fuck you have to watch”, what can you tell us about the meaning and mood of this song?

It wants to be a song with a strong message, right from the title. By “Fuck you have to watch” I mean to be careful how words are used, judgments can hurt and hurt. We all have only one life and we all must have the opportunity to live it to the best of our desires, with the freedom to be ourselves.

Try to think of Sanremo and visualize a memory … a song, an artist … what comes to your mind related to the Festival?

The first image linked to the Sanremo Festival is that of me and mom sitting on the sofa listening carefully to the songs and the artists in the competition, we follow it every year!

To get to the festival you have chosen the Sanremo Area route. How was the decision born and what experience was it, what were the pros and cons?

Area Sanremo it was a beautiful experience, which gives everyone a chance to get to Sanremo Young. It is a well-constructed, well-organized, well-developed path, and for me it was an opportunity to gain greater self-confidence, to grow both as a person and as an artist.

Then being able to experience it right in Sanremo, almost already breathing a little the atmosphere of the Festival, of the race, made everything even more special. A cons? The queues on the motorway from Genoa onwards!

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Sanremo youth 2021: five questions to Littamè in the race with “Fuck you have to watch”

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