Movistar + will offer a virtual room with 19 films from the 69th San Sebastian Festival

Movistar + and the San Sebastián Festival reinforce their alliance with the launch of a virtual room in the Telefónica payment service in which they will be able to see up to 19 movies selected in the Basque competition.

Titles of the Perlas, Zabaltegi-Tabakalera, Horizontes Latinos, Made in Spain and Zinemira sections can be seen at Virtual Sala Film Festival Movistar +, for a price of 7.90 euros each, “four of which go directly to the distributor of the film,” has detailed Rebordinos.

Burzako Rebordinos
Cristina Burzako, CEO of Movistar +, and José Luis Rebordinos, director of the San Sebastián Festival. Photographs of Concha de la Rosa / Movistar +.

“Have The responsability that all our clients have access to the San Sebastián Film Festival ”, assured Cristina Burzako, CEO of Movistar +, at the presentation ceremony held at the Film Academy in Madrid. For his part, José Luis Rebordinos, director of the San Sebastián Festival, has assured that «Movistar + is part of our history, part of who we are, beyond being a partner. “

The relationship between the event and the platform began in 2017, the year in which Rebordinos opted for programming ‘The Plague’, the first great series of Movistar +. They followed ‘Shame’, ‘Madrid Burns’, ‘Giants’, ‘Perfect Life’, ‘Tell me who I am’ and ‘Anti-riot’, about which Rebordinos has confessed “should have gone to competition.” In addition, the first original Movistar + film, ‘While the war lasts’ by Alejandro Amenábar, also went through the Basque competition. The filmmaker will repeat his presence in Donosti this year with ‘The Fortune’, his first series and one of the big bets of 2021 of Movistar +.

For Burzako, at this time of «wild changes» in the audiovisual panorama, especially in relation to distribution windows, «it is time to do a collective tripIt’s going to be long, but it’s time to be More united than ever to make the Spanish audiovisual industry grow. ” The CEO of Movistar + has also ensured that the commitment to own production is among its priorities, in fact, in addition to ‘La Fortuna’, the platform will present the documentary feature film in San Sebastián ‘The footprints of elBulli’ and the documentary series ‘Raphaelism’.

Virtual Sala Film Festival Movistar +

In the Zinemaldia Movistar + Virtual Room, films such as ‘On a Normandy dock’ by Emmanuel Carrère, ‘Little mom’ by Céline Sciamma o ‘Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy’ by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, from the Pearls section; ‘The clerk and the thief’ by Manuel Nieto, from the Horizontes Latinos section; ‘Dead man does not know how to live’ by Ezekiel Montes the ‘But’ by Julia de Paz, both from the Made in Spain section. Films that come from France, Japan, Colombia, Belgium, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Switzerland and, of course, Spain.

Dead man does not know how to live
‘Dead man does not know how to live’.

The titles will be accessible from Spain and Andorra, with a limited number of viewers and from Friday September 17, the same day of inauguration of the festival. The space will also offer films that have participated in previous editions of the contest and others starring in this year’s Donostia awards, Marion Cotillard and Johnny Depp.

Both for Movistar + and for the San Sebastián Festival, the movie theater experience is essential, in fact, Rebordinos has announced that the event will offer an advertising campaign during its 2022 edition to encourage attendance at movie theaters, “in she will be involved Movistar +. »

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Movistar + will offer a virtual room with 19 films from the 69th San Sebastian Festival

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