Monza is full with Scandicci. Novara wins the derby

Vero Volley lands in Tuscany. The Marche have the better of Trento in the tiebreak

(14-25, 25-14, 24-26, 18-25)

After two consecutive defeats at the tie break, against two battleships like Conegliano and Novara, Monza manages to find an important victory (3-1) on the field of a direct competitor like Scandicci. A race full of overturns, where the third set was fundamental, which seemed firmly in the hands of the Tuscans and which instead won the team of Gaspari to the advantages. The first set is one-way, with Monza starting strong and showing to have a real overwhelming power in the center thanks to Danesi and Zakchaiou and with the great ex, Stysiak, who starts a bit quietly but makes you feel your own contribution. Difficulty in attack instead for Scandicci. With the score of 25-14 for the Lombard players go to the change of field. In the second set the parties are totally reversed and we witness a Savino domination. To sound the shock is the entry into the field of Orthmann in place of a dull Natalia. The offensive percentages change radically and the attitude of the Scandiccesi against the wall does the rest. Even this partial ends 25-14, only this time it is the hosts who rejoice. We have already said, the third is the set of truth. For a long time the Savino Del Bene is in front of the opponents up to even reaching a gap of more than six. Except that no one has come to terms with Gennari who becomes the absolute protagonist of the comeback with his attacks and his walls. Pietrini cancels a set point at 24-23 for Monza, but then the Brianza team takes the partial for 26-24. The fourth is the one in which the Vero Volley takes off towards a port called victory. And it does so by showcasing a great Stysiak that literally becomes unspeakable. 23 points for the Pole and a well-deserved title of MVP of the match are there, to clearly seal our affirmation. But it is Candi who puts the exclamation point with a fast, that of the 25-18 and the 3-1 final. Savino Del Bene thus loses the opportunity to find herself in second place, remaining blocked at 11 in fourth position (waiting for the match in Novara), where Monza reaches her.

(17-25, 18-25, 27-25, 25-16, 23-21)

After two consecutive defeats the Megabox returns to win, forcing the direct opponent Trento to the fifth stop. Everything is decided in a fiery and beautiful tiebreaker. It was a sort of derby for the two coaches: Bonafede, a Sicilian, has lived in Trento for 15 years and Bertini has practically always lived in Marotta and drove Pesaro for 4 seasons from B1 to A1. Vallefoglia made his debut for the Serbian Bjelica, who had been without matches for over a month, and the ’92 class held the field showing good form. It is 9-13 with effective guests at the service, 13-20, Trento makes no mistake. Vallefoglia struggles to get into the game and continues to chase. A very good Nizetich and her companions stretch, it is 14-24 in an amen and Trento closes the set on the third attempt. Second set: from 4-1 to 4-6 and then 5-8, the clubs do not pass. Trento pushes and flies to 12-15, the Megabox gets confused again. Bonafede plays the Berasi and Carcaces cards but the result does not change. Delta Despar is superior, more team and Rivero grows. Despite a good Jack, in an amen he is 18-25. In the third set the tigers start better: 7-3 with some carelessness from the yellow-blues, but the euphoria does not last long because from 11-4 it goes to 14-11 with the guest bench on the pitch. The Megabox resumes its inertia, but it misses a lot: 18-14. Kosheleva loads the team on her shoulders and the Marches go to plus 5 (20-15), then the alarm goes off for the Trentino: 22-20. It is a battle, Trento with Piani does not give up and leads to the advantages. Thanks to the wall, the Megabox reopens the game using the decisive fourth set ball. The Marche women chase away fear and divinely approach set number 4: 7-3, Jack is unstoppable. Piani hooks on 11 all, it’s a beat and beat and the Megabox smiles: 17-11. The girls of Bonafede tear with a fluid and varied game. It is 23-14 and it converts the second set ball. Tiebreak: 2-5, Vallefoglia disunites and Piani is relentless. The clubs return and overtake: 7-6, it is played point by point. It is 10-8 with Newcombe, but then 10-11 with Piani. The local wall makes pots and lids (12-11), the guests are always there. It is very hard and very long, Vallefoglia closes on the seventh match ball, after having canceled two of the opponents. Kosheleva is the MVP.

(26-24, 25-15, 22-25, 25-22)

Igor continues her pursuit in Conegliano, recovering a point to the leaders thanks to the success in a Piedmontese derby that was fought and uncertain, more than the final score says, with many defenses and little continuous attacks on one side and the other. Lavarini shuffled the cards, giving Hancock confidence in the start of the dribble, also relaunching Herbots and Washington. For Pistola there is no Degradi, operated in the week on one knee, the pair Kuznetzova-Jasper on the field. It is Igor who finds the first tear in the set, with the deadly fast of Washington, also scoring with the ace of 8-5. Novara extends again with the explosiveness of Herbots and the high ball for Karakurt (13-9, time out Cuneo). The Turkish opposite pushes hard even with the serve, fundamental which, on the contrary, repeatedly betrays Cuneo. In the final, however, Lavarini’s team suddenly loses their bearings, gets caught up and offers the set ball to Cuneo (23-24). Kuznetsova, however, sends the serve on the net, and then Karakurt (6 points in the set) and Daalderop with two walls close the set for Igor (26-24). Still Novara to lead and Cuneo to chase at the start of the second set with the girls of Pistola who continue to struggle with the service, without being able to put Igor’s reception in trouble. Hancock relies on Karakurt’s broadsides to unravel the most complicated situations, Herbots alternates the club with foil and Novara runs away on 17-10 and the set ends 25-14. Partial and partial counter at the start of the third fraction (5-1; 5-5) after the batting rounds of Bosetti and Gicquel, and teams that remain in contact, despite a couple of shoulders by Karakurt, to which Novara however does not know how to give continuity (from 13-9 to 15-15). La Bosca gives all her energy to keep the set alive and with Kuznetsova’s ace she overtakes at 18-19. Novara finds himself down by two, recovers at 20 but Cuneo with the block and Gicquel (8 points in the set) reopens the match, closing 22-25. Cuneo restarts with confidence and on the turn of the unleashed Gicquel immediately tries to escape, climbing 2-6, with Stufi on fire. Pistola’s team defends the advantage with their teeth (9-12), with Lavarini having to play the Rosamaria card for a Karakurt in reserve. Two walls of Washington revive Igor, who hangs up the guests at 13, with the ace of Herbots, and then overturns the inertia of the set extending to 17-14. Cuneo has a couple of opportunities to return to the set, but the mistakes of Gicquel and Kuznetsova allow Igor to fly away on 23-18. Washington with his 17th personal point wins the match point. Cuneo proudly cancels the first 3 and in the end it is still the US central, star of the race, to close the accounts. (Andrea Crippa)

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Monza is full with Scandicci. Novara wins the derby

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