Michael Shannon says Strickland reveals part of what America is

Cartagena Colombia) .- Michael Shannon, who plays the hateful villain Richard Strickland in “The Shape of Water” (2017) said that character reflects what is happening in the United States today, a country that has many reasons to live happily but that gets into trouble.

This was stated by the actor who was paid a tribute at the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (Ficci), which closes tomorrow with a ceremony in which audiovisual companies will give awards to “filmmakers.”

“That character that I play in ‘The shape of water’ plays a very important role, without characters like this, without villains, there is no story; it is not that they cause me sympathy, but my job is to understand part of (how they are) that (class of) people “, he assured.

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Shannon added that although figures like Strickland also have “good sides,” in this case, the role of this character reveals part of what America is today.

“That anxiety, that lack of clarity in thought; anxiety never gets you anywhere and the United States has always been an anxious country, which is funny because it has many reasons to be happy, but they do not relax so there are problems “, he added.

The Kentucky-born actor added that “America always wants more and more and that leads to trouble.”

Before an audience that has received with applause his personification of Strickland in “The Shape of Water”, by the award-winning Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, the actor assured that he is not a violent person: “I try to get as far away from violence as possible” .

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Shannon, along with his countryman, the film producer and writer Ethan Coen, and the Spanish director Koldo Almandoz, are the special guests of this 59 Ficci.

In the conversation with those attending the Ficci, Shannon confessed that she would love to make a film in Colombia while thanking the tribute paid to her for her 26 years of artistic career.

The central figure in the films “Take shelter” and “99 Homes” was pleasantly surprised that he is known and appreciated in a country he is visiting for the first time.

This is what the “internationalization of cinema” achieves, he said.

The actor revealed that he loved working with Del Toro, who is part of the group known as “the three friends” of Hollywood made up of fellow Mexicans Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu, winners of the Oscar for best director.

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“They are very unique and powerful directors (…) Hollywood needs creativity and originality and most of the time it will seek it outside its borders”, Shannon said about these three greats of cinema that since 2013 have held the film industry and the American public at their feet.

At 44, Shannon, who has more than 50 films, series and plays and has shared the stage with Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Murray, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Kevin Spacey, acknowledged that he is a person “quite sensitive”.

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He concluded by stating that he prefers to embody characters of character and that he manages to feel comfortable when he achieves “a strong artistic personal connection” with his client.


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Michael Shannon says Strickland reveals part of what America is

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