Mar Rigaud achieves the bronze medal at the Dance World Cup 2020

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15:07 • 06 nov. 2021

After the national classification in the Dance World Cup competition, in 2020, the international ceremony was held in Burgos in July 2021 since with the Covid-19 the 2020 contest could not be held in that same year. Despite that, “there was no one to stop me. I was from September to the end of June in Porto dancing in a company and polishing myself a little more every day to improve. There, I learned a lot and they ‘cleaned’ every mistake, added to all the years that I have been dancing with my teacher Juana Dorado ”, chopeful omenta Mar Rigaud. Thanks to all this, she managed to win a bronze medal worldwide in her senior repertoire ballet category.

“Solo Ballet with a choreography invented by my teacher Juana. Also, I participated with a classical repertoire of the Quixote ballet called Entrada de Kitri, whose character was very happy and that was a plus for me, because dancing while enjoying is the best thing that can happen to you. I was also 4th at the world level and 1st at the national level ”, says Mar.

The contest

It was held in person and virtually, in Burgos, “We performed before the public and judges and they recorded us there, that video was sent to the international headquarters of the contest (Telford, England). There, some international judges rated us according to technique, expression, musicality … The expression was a bit difficult to assess because we had to act with a mask and that makes it difficult. Despite that, it did not prevent me from enjoying on stage, because it is the way I have to show my most tender, wild, passionate side and above all my soul. For me, participating in an international contest representing my country has been the greatest reward I can have, and even more so after winning ”.

A passion

For Mar Rigaud dance “is my day to day, constant work, great efforts, great injuries, pain, but everything is rewarded, dance is capable of rewarding everything that is implicit in the name of ballet and turning it into satisfaction, reward And joy. Because without dance I couldn’t feel what I feel when I start dancing ”.

The bronze medal “is a pride for me” and that is a great step to continue working day by day and without stopping, continuing to achieve “goals that I am proposing.”

For your grandparents

“Despite how difficult it is to create a niche in this world of ballet, it is possible with perseverance. It is not easy, because I also combine it with my university degree in physiotherapy, I am already in the 4th year and I also have to dedicate a lot to it. time to my studies. My great failure or my great virtue is being so “stubborn”, and my grandparents already told me “you will achieve everything you set your mind to”, a large part of this medal I dedicate to them because unfortunately they They have gone this year and they have not seen me celebrate it but I am sure that thanks to them they have given me the strength to achieve it and they have enjoyed it as much as I. This is not an end point, I am sure it is only the beginning of my career. that I would like to continue training and study and combine it with my university degree in physiotherapy and little by little I will make a place for myself in the world that I love so much, the world of ballet “.

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Mar Rigaud achieves the bronze medal at the Dance World Cup 2020

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