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Maisie Williams (Bristol, England, 1997) assures that she has not yet shed a tear at the end of Game of Thrones (whose final season begins on April 14). Filming ended last summer. Each actor was finishing on different days and different locations. Williams’ last day, of her character, Arya Stark, was also the last of shooting for almost the entire team, an “especially exciting” day, but she did not cry. And that the scene was one of the most “calm and serene” of those he has done in the entire series.

Maisie has come to the end, as one of the few actresses who have appeared with a main plot in each of the eight seasons, “at peace with Arya” and also somewhat tired. “I have exhausted every corner of my character,” he says. And in this last season he has had a lot more work still. After 10 years devoted almost exclusively to little Stark, her entire adolescence, she is ready to let her go. “I’ll probably cry on the red carpet at the premiere,” he laughs.

Maisie Williams in a frame from ‘Game of Thrones’. Photo: Photo: HBO

She was 11 years old when she was chosen to play Arya from among more than 300 girls from all over England. He already liked acting, but it was still just an after-school hobby. He thinks he won the audition because he was so much like his character. Entered the casting with holes in the knees of her stockings. At the age of seven the teachers already told him at school that they had their opinion and wanted to control everything. “He had the same cheekiness as Arya,” he blurts out. Also his aspirations and warrior spirit. Why can’t I be this or that because I’m a girl? She wondered.

His Arya aspired to be a knight and have a sword like his brothers; Maisie didn’t want to be judged on her looks or her clothes, as they didn’t with her male castmates. Still, she and her sister on the show and her best friend in real life, Sophie Turner, admit that starting out in the industry on a show like this, with complex female characters, is almost “spoiled.”

After hearing all the stories from other actresses who have dated in the last year, she knows they have been “very lucky.” He realized as soon as he started reading scripts and nothing was up to the task: “The industry has to improve many things, change, but at least we women are protecting ourselves. It is like a band-aid, it helps us, it heals us, but there is still a long way to go, there are still many conversations to open ».

Maisie Williams game of thrones

She was 11 years old when she was chosen to play Arya from among more than 300 girls from all over England. Foto: Getty Images

She has already been a UN ambassador in the campaign #LikeaGirl, following in the footsteps of other activist actresses like Emma Watson. In this last decade his role in Doctor Who was the one that had the most impact outside of Game of Thrones. It has a great production pending release, The New Mutants, a scarier version of Marvel comics, and remains focused on the development of its artistic social network, Daisie. Now that his life is fully recovered, he prefers to stop, reflect and choose interesting roles to work by inertia.

“Indirectly they put a lot of pressure on us,” he says. «I’ve been hearing about: ‘When your contract runs out Game of Thrones you will be 21 years old and many opportunities. ‘ But until this moment really comes, you don’t ask yourself what I want to do, where I want to lead my life. Like I told my agents, I need to take a break. And in these months that I have had for myself, I have been more creative than ever ».

Williams dropped out of school when filming began on the series and returned after the first two seasons, but the harassment she encountered led her to drop out again and she never returned. It was a “bitter” time in her life and, again, it coincided with a darker emotional state for Arya as well. At 16 he became independent from his parents. She knows that she has done almost everything much earlier and faster than any young person: «Since I have not known anything else, I cannot compare it, but surrounded by all these interesting people, even if I left school very young, I have learned things that they do not teach you. at school. That has shaped me.

And now she feels, like any 21-year-old, confused about the future. «The other day I went to give a talk at the university and all the students asked me what I was going to do. I told them we were in the same boat, at this age we all go through the same thing: I have graduated from Game of Thrones and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am very sure that I am going to do great things in my life, although I do not know by what standard they are going to measure it. That’s the stressful thing. But I’m sure I’ll do something good.

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Maisie Williams: “I have not shed a tear for the end of Game of Thrones” | Celebrities, Vips

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