The new Alpitour contract between continuity and Trevolution

Alessandro Seghi

A contract substantially modeled on that of last year, but which modulates commissions and system on the innovations introduced by Trevolution. The trade commercial director of the Alpitour group, Alessandro Seghi, thus describes the new commercial agreement that binds the operator to the agencies for 2021-2022. Party in early November, the contract it then modulates the commissions on three main variables: the turnover values ​​expressed by the individual agencies in 2018/19, the network to which one is possibly affiliated and the type of product sold (Mainstream, Specialties & Goal Oriented and Seamless & No frills).

“We have deliberately left out the volumes produced in the last two years of the pandemic, even knowing that the commission levels could have taken this into account. It is an investment that we have decided to carry out also with a view to supporting agencies – explains Seghi himself -. To this we have added an incentive plan that operates on a quarterly basis for Mainstream and Seamless & No Frills products, half-yearly for Specialties & Goal Oriented products. The adv will thus be able to decide which level of commitment and concentration of their sales to dedicate to our product, knowing that higher volumes can correspond to much higher and increasing remuneration “.

But not only: the entire contractual structure was modeled on the reorganization process started with the Trevolution operation. “We declined the contract, the sales force on the territory and in the headquarters, our booking and back office, trade marketing, the methods of presenting the product on EasyBook, commercial planning, commercial management control and much more to the paradigm Trevolution – adds Seghi -. In this way we have created a system capable of communicating efficiently and effectively with the product, marketing, revenue and all company departments that work specifically on the three pillars “.

At the level of collaborations, the number of contracted agencies therefore stands at 6,200 units. Consistent with a choice that has been consolidated for some time, “the reference perimeter has evolved following a strategy that is no longer extensive, but selective – continues Seghi -. That is, able to focus on those realities that have decided to embrace a path of growth and partnership with us and that we will involve more and more. There will also be room for some distribution formulas that are being relaunched or growing such as joint ventures and consultants without a fixed support agency.“.

The pricing model also continues to follow the logic of the package, so the chief revenue & digital officer of Alpitour intervenes, Paolo Meroni. In light of the growing attention of the market to product segmentation, “at the same time we are recognizing the opportunity to introduce elements of upselling, such as room or flight class upgrades, as well as cross selling for the sale of additional services, such as excursions, parking or similar “.

Finally, a word on the trend of reservations: “The level of sales achieved in these two months is definitely in line with our expectations – concludes Seghi -. The air capacity that we have made available to distribution and the ways in which we have distributed it throughout the territory has found an important response in terms of bookings. Despite the high variability in the daily data caused by the messages being launched in the market on the developments of the restrictions and reopening, we can be satisfied with the response of the trade. The desire to travel, especially of families, finds its peak on the departures of the holidays, where we wanted to continually increase the air capacity especially on viable long-haul destinations “.

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The new Alpitour contract between continuity and Trevolution

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