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Mexico.- Despite the delays and effects that the pandemic has had in different entertainment areas, the actor Luis Gerardo Méndez has not stopped and has been active all year: at the beginning of the year he worked in Narcos, a series in which Warger Moura directed him, who gave life to Pablo Escobar in the first seasons; He premiered Half Siblings where, in addition to starring, he served as a producer, worked with Juan José Campanella in The Envoys, will be the star host of the eighth edition of the Platinum Awards and is about to film with Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall # MeTime.

«The announcement has just been made for this film that I am going to make and I am very excited. It’s a gigantic comedy and I’m very excited to be working with them. Boogie Nights is one of my favorite movies and Ted strikes me as a comedic genius, so being able to work with Mark Walhberg makes me really excited. Kevin Hart is an actor with impressive intelligence and mental agility, so being able to be tête-à-tête with him, improvising, in a language that is not mine, makes him a very interesting challenge ”, Luis Gerardo said in an interview Mendez.

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Before the filming of #MeTime by director John Hamburg begins, the hydrocalid actor will travel to Madrid at the end of the month to be, together with the Colombian actress Juana Acosta, host of the eighth edition of the Platinum awards that they recognize, support and promote Ibero-American cinema.

“It is not easy to create awards for an industry like this, where suddenly the public does not know all the nominees, as in the Oscars, where people have already seen 80 percent of the nominees. Ours are industries that are just beginning to interconnect and that is already an effort, particularly in this year, coming from the pandemic, doing a face-to-face ceremony, in which we can see each other’s faces and we can celebrate not only film and television. but life itself. We have to laugh at our tragedy, we have to turn the page, continue to take care of ourselves and continue ”, said Méndez.

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Luis Gerardo Méndez assured that at the Platinum awards ceremony that will take place on October 3, a very festive mood will be maintained, in which he promises to show himself a little ingenious and irreverent and confessed that this celebration is dedicated to his father, doctor who died in March of covid.

«I certainly dedicate it to him! My dad was a person who really enjoyed the party and everything in general. He was addicted to life, to emotions, to the party, to the celebration, so I imagine that he will be there very present. That is why I say it, nobody is going to tell me what this pandemic is, I lost my father to covid, he got infected doing his job and I do not live in a moment of solemnity. Sure it’s painful, but life goes on, we have to turn this around and honor them. That allows me to approach the celebration from another place ”, concluded Méndez.

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Is Laura Bozzo in Acapulco? Filtered photos of the Peruvian driver eating tacos in a restaurant – Northeast

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