Is Lana Del Rey’s Cola About Harvey Weinstein? Details On Their Relationship

I must admit, I love me some Lana Del Rey.

Well, not Lana specifically as a person. I’ve never met her and have zero personal knowledge of her. But I do love her music and the heartwrenching lyrics of her songs.

So it was troubling when Del Rey’s music came under intense media scrutiny as the #MeToo movement ignited in October 2017 due to speculation about the nature of her relationship with former producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

Now the gossip is spreading again on TikTok, as a woman using the handle FluentlyForward posted a video in which she offers some correct, some incorrect and some unsubstantianiated information about the “Cola” controversy.

Are the lyrics of Lana Del Rey’s song “Cola” about Harvey Weinstein?

Though she has since said otherwise, sources close to Del Rey initially denied any link between the lyrics of her 2012 song “Cola” and Harvey Weinstein.

TMZ reported at the time, “They say the actual lyrics go this way … ‘Ah he’s in the sky with diamonds.’ We’ve checked the album’s digital booklet … and the lyrics reference ‘Ah he’s,’ not ‘Harvey.'”

Del Rey, 36, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant and who has also released music under the name Lizzy Grant, had yet to give a direct response confirming whether or not her lyrics specifically reference Weinstein, although in the past she has explained that the reference to tasting “like Pepsi Cola” is a nod to her then-boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill, of the band Kassidy.

“I have a Scottish boyfriend, and that’s just what he says!” she told Rolling Stone in 2014.

But back to Harvey, ever the dedicated journalist, I took a listen to the song again for myself, as you can do right now.


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