Inzaghi’s goal: to dispel the taboo of scoring at Shakhtar (0 in 270 minutes …)

The Nerazzurri are called to win to secure the qualification, but against the Ukrainians they have not scored in three games. Inzaghi focuses on the newfound Lautaro

Three points to sleep peacefully and get off that pass for the Champions League knockout rounds that have been missing for almost ten years, perhaps with the help of that Real Madrid who will take the field two hours later. There is no doubt about Inter’s goal against Shakhtar in the penultimate match of Group D, the problem (if you want to call it that) is that to do so it will be necessary to succeed in a failed undertaking in the last three matches against the Ukrainians, that is to say Mark. The Nerazzurri are in fact returning from three consecutive 0-0 in direct clashes against the team led today by De Zerbi, including the unfortunate challenge of last year which sanctioned the elimination after a constant siege frustrated by a rejected by Lukaku on a safe shot by Sanchez.

Taboo to dispel

The long starvation in Europe ended with the double confrontation with the Sheriff, served to the Nerazzurri to start marching at the same pace as the championship. Six goals in two games for the Nerazzurri goal cooperative that dictates the law at home with 32 centers in 13 matches, but now there is a need to confirm the trend against the one that has proved to be the black beast only in the last two years. Before the three goalless draws (all in the Champions League), the last face-to-face with Shakhtar ended with a resounding 5-0 Nerazzurri, the one that decided the semi-final of the Europa League in 2019. Inter have changed for six elevenths, yet it is still the same goal machine. The countless opportunities wasted in the three previous challenges, including the last one in late September, mean that the goal is widely within reach, just adjust the aim. This time we have to deal with a department, the offensive one, which came out bruised from Sunday’s match against Napoli. If Dzeko will certainly be there despite the head injury, for the other shirt in attack it will be until the last ballot between Lautaro and Correa, both not at their best.


If Toro succeeds, Inzaghi will go on the assault with his pair of starting bomber, who after the 13 centers in as many championship days will try to get involved in Europe too. In the Champions League so far only one goal has arrived (that of Dzeko in Moldova) and above all there is a need for Lautaro to be released, who in the Champions League has been dry for seven games. In Europe, the Argentine has yet to recover that flair he had impressed in the first year with Conte, when he scored five centers in the six matches of the elimination round. Only three goals, however, in the next 15 outings between the Champions and Europa League. Far too little for a bomber of his caliber. But the goal found in action after almost two months on Sunday against Napoli can serve as a springboard. The hope is that the “bad moment” is definitely behind us and that now the ball decides to enter, also because there is a fact that reveals how Taurus never has the sex of trying to score the goal: in the first four days of Champions, only Benzema has made more shots (20 against 18). A matter of aim and that bit of luck that have failed so far, but which can re-emerge against Shakhtar. After all, the Argentine knows how to do it. Just remember the brace signed on the evening of that famous 5-0 in the Europa League just two years ago.

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Inzaghi’s goal: to dispel the taboo of scoring at Shakhtar (0 in 270 minutes …)

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