Inzaghi: “We are masters of our destiny. We want the Champions League round of 16”

The Nerazzurri coach on the eve of the decisive match against Shakhtar: “The victory against Napoli will give us further confidence. I hope to recover the tired ones.”

From our correspondent Luca Taidelli

The Champions League is back and tomorrow could be a decisive evening for Inter. After years out of Europe that counts and three eliminations burning to the last breath in the last three seasons, beating Shakhtar (18.45 hours, but it is also necessary that Real do not lose at Sheriff’s house, to avoid postponing everything to the last day ) Simone Inzaghi can give another chisel to the past represented by Antonio Conte, capable of bringing the Scudetto back to Milan, but twice burnt in the Champions League. Inter have been missing from the knockout stage for a decade. And the second round are vital oxygen also for the budget, since they guarantee a minimum of 20 million, to go up if the Nerazzurri were to pass other rounds.

Objective and maturity

Simone Inzaghi talks about the challenge against De Zerbi’s team before the finish (set for 3 pm) in which he will have to test the condition of the tired Barella and Correa, but also of Lautaro, who has come back from many commitments also with Argentina. At his side Matteo Darmian, best in the field in the victory against Napoli. “Could we go back to the second round after ten years – attacks the coach -? A very important step, it’s one of our goals, I had said it from the start regardless of the transfers. We want to bring Inter back to the second round, we are at a good point but we miss a lot. Tomorrow will be a decisive match because then we will play in Madrid. What does it take to get through the round? On Sunday we had a great match, beating the best defense in Europe. A great test of maturity and character, as for tomorrow it’s all in our hands, we are there, we face an opponent who plays well in football with an excellent coach. Shakhtar have only one result available, but I don’t think this will change De Zerbi’s plans. Are we coming from three 0-0 against them? we wasted many chances, even if they had more possession. I am lucky to have very advanced players, who have been playing at this level for many years. It makes no difference, we have also seen the last few games. We found teams that came to get us high or low. I know Shakhtar very well, I have often played against this manager and he managed to quickly convey his concepts to a very technical team with excellent individualities. ”


After having dribbled the comparisons with Conte (“We are on the right path but we still have to work hard. Of course in 4 months we have made an excellent path and having won a direct match will give us further confidence”), Inzaghi makes the point of formation: “We must recover from Sunday, a race where we spent a lot, I had problems in the race with Correa and Barella, they asked for the change, Calha was the only yellow card on the field and I preferred to take it off, knowing that Dzeko was not at his best. evaluations and I hope that Lautaro has recovered and is aware of the fact that De Vrij and Sanchez will also be missing “. Closing with a question on Sensi: “I have guys who work very well, some find less space. Stefano will be able to play between now and Christmas”.


So instead Darmian on his moment and another uncomfortable comparison, the one with Hakimi: “I feel the confidence of my teammates, the coach and the club. This pushes me to improve myself and give my contribution to the team to achieve the objectives. A call from Mancini? I would like it. I have to keep working and do well like the whole team. Hakimi? Replacing an important player like Hakimi is difficult, if not impossible. He is among the strongest in the role, I try to give the maximum, for now the team and I are succeeding.

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Inzaghi: “We are masters of our destiny. We want the Champions League round of 16”

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