Inzaghi: “He will be decisive against Sheriff, we need a real Inter match”

The Nerazzurri coach on the eve of the match against the Moldovans: “We know how important tomorrow’s match is, we won’t think about Sunday.”

Simone Inzaghi and his Inter warm up their engines in view of the five days of fire on the horizon between Champions and league. First stop in Tiraspol to face the Sheriff, against whom an important qualifying sprint needs to be placed. “An important and decisive match awaits us against the Sheriff, we must also assert ourselves in Europe”, began the coach immediately after the ritual inspection of the pitch together with the team. “We played two very good matches against Empoli and Udinese: two tricky matches transformed into simple matches. They have been solid performances in which we have conceded little. Seeing that by changing players the results arrive is always the best for a coach ”.


– “There are no differences compared to the first leg, the challenge that awaits us is equally decisive”, continued Inzaghi. “At San Siro we played excellent football and we also saw the pitfalls that await us, this team beat Real and Shakhtar not by chance. We will have to play a match in which it will take great concentration because balance will be needed, the Sheriff has shown that he is very good at restarts. A real Inter match will be needed. “The Nerazzurri coach assures that the commitment and the stakes are such as not to allow the slightest distraction despite the derby by return of post.” We know the importance of tomorrow’s match and we are focused exclusively on this one. On Sunday we have an important game and we know what it means, but my thoughts and the team’s thoughts are only on the Sheriff “.


Why the choice to carry out the finishing in Eppan? “Simple organizational question, we preferred to have lunch in Italy and then leave and do the reconnaissance. We have to congratulate, we have found an excellent pitch and an excellent facility ”. Some consideration is needed on the newly found balance between defense and attack. “We are the best attacker in Serie A, so we are a team who like to build and score. Even the match against Udinese was not easy but we created a lot and made a lot of shots on goal. We must continue in this way, as the last two games have been, always trying to build a lot without losing balance ”.


Trust and charge also in the words of Ranocchia, fresh from his debut in the league. “I’m happy that we won the game and given continuity of results, I always try to be ready when called upon and be a guy who does the good of the team and helps new ones who need advice or something else. We are here now to talk about the Champions League, tomorrow we absolutely have to win ”. Similarities and differences compared to Conte’s previous Inter? “We come from an important two-year journey, new guys have arrived this year with desire and talent. The coach tried to convey his concepts, I think we are showing him in a positive way. The path is still very long, we still have a lot to give ”.

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Inzaghi: “He will be decisive against Sheriff, we need a real Inter match”

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