Inter enjoys with Dzeko and Perisic: 2-0 at Shakhtar and eighths with one step

The Croatian, best of the field, triggers the Bosnian twice: now it is enough for Real not to lose in the home of the Sheriff

Inter did not fail the litmus test and, after the feat against Napoli, they also managed the Shakhtar curse. A brace from Dzeko decides in the second half, when the specter of the fourth consecutive 0-0 between the two teams (in the previous three, 66 total shots, including 43 Nerazzurri) made us think of a surreal tale by Osvaldo Soriano. From the longest penalty in the world to the most incredible abstinence. Because in the first half Inzaghi’s team had wasted the impossible again. Instead, Inter wins and convinces and to hit the Champions League round of 16 – which have been missing for ten years – it will be enough for Real (kick-off at 21) not to lose at Sheriff’s home. Dzeko is the hero, but a mention goes to Perisic, still devastating on the left and decisive in both goals.

First half

Inzaghi confirms the eleven who beat Napoli, with the exception of Dzeko who takes the place of Correa. De Zerbi responds with a 4-2-3-1 in which Fernando is the attacking terminal. Behind him Tetè, Pedrinho and Solomon act. Inter charged. Even too much, with Skriniar, Ranocchia and Perisic who miss easy passes due to too much enthusiasm, Dzeko who releases a good left foot and Barella who sends a penalty in motion. There is a desire to get rid of the monkey of the goal, after three consecutive 0-0 and tons of missed opportunities on the previous 270 ‘in the last two seasons. And when, after a save by Handanovic on Fernando (who was however offside), Maycon on 22 ‘tackles Lautaro in a miracle, it becomes clear that one night without suffering Inter cannot give it to themselves for DNA. The sequence is embarrassing, because Ranocchia touches the goal with a header, Perisic finds it but Darmian was offside and Dzeko is incredibly blocked twice by Trubin. In the face of so much waste, the good thing is that De Zerbi does not ask Pedrinho to dry up the Brozovic source of play and that the Nerazzurri starts are always clean. Trubin also saves on Perisic, but when he misses the postponement Dzeko graces him with a left in the curve and immediately after Lautaro badly controls a great ball from Barella and does not find the corner. We have 14 chances, with 5 shots on target. And good for Inzaghi that when the little guys in white finally manage to start again, the providential closure of an Inter player or an opponent’s mistake always arrives. The most impressive thing, after Hategan’s double whistle, is that despite the Nerazzurri’s domination, possession rewards the guests: 58% against 42%. However, this figure is polluted by the many horizontal passes by the Ukrainians when they restart the game from the goalkeeper.

Second half

After the break De Zerbi replaced one of the two midfielders, Stepanenko, with another Brazilian: Marcos Antonio. However, the script does not change, Inter planted themselves in the opposing half of the pitch and Shakhtar builds from the bottom but hardly ever comes out. Lautaro feels the challenge against the Brazilians and charges with his head down. Bull would also score, but first he moves Matviyenko irregularly and while San Siro goes crazy with joy (also because the speaker incites the crowd), the referee cancels. You really start thinking about Soriano’s stories, when the incredible happens at 61 ‘: Perisic breaks through on the left for Darmian, shot blocked but Dzeko from the edge this time finds the corner. All valid and Inter ahead. Taking note that there is no plexiglass on Trubin’s goal line, Inter beats the qualification with the usual devastating Perisic who sips Dodò and brush for Dzeko’s head, stationed at the far post and able to pass in 6 minutes from worst of his to hero. At this point Inzaghi inserts Correa for Lautaro, while Pedrinho gives way to Marlos. Shakhtar, who should even win to keep hope alive, seems to be on the ropes. Also because, fed up with deflating in the finals, Inter remain on track and are happy to grant the whites sterile and horizontal possession of the ball. Actually, before the ovations to Barella and Darmian (inside Vidal and D’Ambrosio) the usual amnesia produces an internal pole of Dodò. But never like tonight only the three points count.

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Inter enjoys with Dzeko and Perisic: 2-0 at Shakhtar and eighths with one step

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