How to Watch the LulaRoe Exposed Docuseries Everyone’s Talking About

LulaRoe ropes in new consultants daily; however, after watching the new Amazon Prime Video LulaRich docuseries exposing the alleged pyramid scheme, that might change. The multi-level marketing company, which began in 2012, recruits fashion consultants to sell women’s clothing, primarily through social media. However, the company faced numerous lawsuits from distributors and consumer advocates over the years. Here’s how to watch the LulaRich premiere on Amazon Prime, which premieres on Sept. 10.

‘LulaRich’ former LulaRoe consultant | Amazon Studios

What is ‘LulaRich’ on Amazon Prime about?

Amazon Prime’s LulaRich seeks to expose LulaRoe by bringing in former independent distributors and employees to tell their stories. In the trailers for LulaRich, viewers also get a taste of what a multi-level marketing company is.

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