Hall launches Olimpia, a great Gentile is not enough for Varese. What a Virtus in Venice

The Lombard derby number 184 is decided in a fiery last quarter: in addition to the American, Melli and Ricci do well for Milan, while Varese relies on the former blue who, however, misses the triple of the draw with 15 ”from the end. At the Taliercio the Italian champions take off in the third quarter: Sampson’s debut is excellent


If Varese comes out to the applause, with a great Ale Gentile (25 with 10/18 from the field) and a double-double Egbunu (14 points and as many rebounds), Milan sends five men in double figures (from Hall’s 16) to 10 of Shields and Rodriguez) and, with a great effort in the last quarter, maintains the unbeaten run between the championship and the Euroleague. At the start, it is Gentile himself who takes the chair: his show of 13 points in a row keeps the Openjobmetis alive, where in the derby number 184 of history the USA play-keeper Kell makes a good debut, returning from injury and immediately scoring in percussion. Rodriguez’s magic and an excellent Hall (9 points in the first quarter) keep Olimpia ahead in the score (19-21 at 10 ‘). Meanwhile, Egbunu makes himself heard under the planks and the 1,700 of Masnago (sold out, with 35% capacity) push the home quintet: Beane’s second triple coincides with the maximum internal advantage (+8 29-21 at 12’30 “). Just a moment at the AX, led by the Italian couple Melli-Ricci, to score an 11-2 (31-32 at 13’50 “), close the first half in a draw (40-40) and try a new shot from 14 -4 for a double-digit profit margin at the start of the second half (44-54 at 23’15 “). The usual Gentile, however, revives Varese, who with a triple from Kell closes the deficit (56-56 at 27’30 “) before even finding +3 (59-56 at 28’10”) with captain Ferrero, the whose entry coincided with a break from 11-0. When Caruso also shines in the colored area (64-60 at 30 ‘, the Openjobmetis can dream of the feat, all the more so after a pass behind Gentile’s back with a sunk by Egbunu who is a candidate for number 1 in the highlights . The class of Melli and the effectiveness of Shields and Hall, clear winner of the comparison with a Wilson from zero shots, immediately put Olimpia back on track (68-71 at 34 ‘), where Tarczeswki also asserted himself in the Gentile does not give up and, with a forelock from the bow, allows Varese to reach a shot from overtime.

Varese: Gentile 25, Egbunu 15, 11 o’clock

Milano: Hall 16, Melli 14, Ricci 11


Segafredo dominant, Umana that collapses after half-game level (41-38). An unexpected metamorphosis by Reyer, tricolors that changed pace after the long interval. Debut in the championship for the Greek Charalampopoulos, Echodas has recovered from the flu attack and in the rotation of foreigners he takes a seat in the Stone parterre. Virtus champion of Italy makes Sampson debut, excellent impact (17 points), called to replace the injured Udoh, while Scariolo confirms Alexander in the foreign sextet, preferred to the last Cordinier graft. Three assists from Teodosic in Segafredo’s first three actions (5-7), Watt is a thorn in Virtus’ side (9 points in the fourth, (7-7). Teodosic rages and invents the 3 + 1 (12-13) , Tonut is infallible from the line (20-17) and Scariolo makes Sampson debut at 4’22 “from the end of the fourth. Daye’s triples send De Raffaele’s troops into orbit (28-21), a difference retouched by Sampson (28 -23). ​​Second quarter (partial 13-15) with lower percentages (34-30 at 4 ‘), Watt is the first player to go to double figures (38-34), Teodosic and Hervey (two fouls) are on the bench, Virtus suffers and Scariolo cannot fail to throw them back into the fray. Watt climbs to 15 (38-35), three minutes without baskets, Sampson slips the 2 + 1 of the draw (38-38) with the ninth personal point , Tonut shakes the Umana with Tonut’s triple (41-38). Segafredo changes pace in defense in the third quarter, Venice misses a few too many free throws and, despite Jaiteh’s 4 fouls and the bonus exhausted, the camps ions of Italy run away (46-54). Human in total confusion (46-56), short circuit interrupted by Daye. Dark moment that continues (48-59), Venice disunites in attack and defense, collects a tremendous 29-9 in the partial that allows Virtus to mortgage the challenge (50-67). There is no reaction at home orogranata (54-73), the team of the first two quarters has dissolved. Cerella tries to shake the Human by bringing aggression to the defense, but preaches in the desert. Sixteen points in sixteen minutes is a pittance (54-75). Tricolors in triumph, Watt 21 points, and that’s it.

Venezia: Watt 21, Brooks 9, Daye 8
Virtus Bologna: Sampson 17, Wings 15, Hervey 11, Paiola 10


Sassari regains the victory, interrupting the positive Reggiana streak, a long race that of PalaSerradimigni, which finds a master only after an overtime. Reggio starts better, the defense of Caja’s men works above all in the painted, Mekowulu is practically never served, while on the other side of the field Cinciarini dictates the pace for the attack well and the guests immediately touch the double-digit advantage; Logan’s entry into the field stops the Sassari bleeding, but on 10 ‘Reggiana leads 17-26. Dinamo approaches by exploiting the talent of the singles, with Logan and Battle protagonists, but undergoes the good work of Hopkins and the ability of Olisevicius to maximize the result even on non-built actions: 35-43 at 20 ‘. After the long break Sassari tries to change his face, Reggio finds himself temporarily without Johnson in the painting due to a cut to the head and Caja forced to lower the quintet, suffers the good moment of Treier, Burnell and companions, who impact at an altitude of 48 exploiting the zone to block the host attack; the red and white rearrange their ideas only at the end of the fraction with Crawford and Strautins good at reopening the gap up to +5 of 30 ‘. Bendzius transformed, starts hitting from long distance with frequency, bringing back with Clemmons, Sassari in the lead of the race; Cinciarini impact at 83, Dinamo have the last shot of the match but Battle does not finalize and we go to extra time. It goes point by point in the overtime, Sassari is more precise from the line, a factor that takes away the confidence of the guests, Gentile signs the triple of +6 but Crawford reopens the game, but two blocks by Mekowulu and Gentile again are worth the game, which Clemmons closes with a 96-91 placing. The last Reggiano basket was useless

Sassari: Clemmons 22, Bendzius 17, Burnell, Battle 14
Reggio Emilia: Hopkins 16, Crawford 16, Strautins 14


First success in the league for the newly promoted Gevi, who beats Treviso 82-70 celebrating the 650 LBA appearances of coach Pino Sacripanti. Complex departure for Naples, Treviso is ahead 8-2 after 3 ‘and the Azzurri seem to relive the film of the first two Super Cup matches. Parks and Elegar instead sign a comeback and overtake at 14-12 and then it is the revived Rich who launches the first blue escape which is worth 23-17 at 15 ‘and then the 35-27 of the long interval. The real turning point for Sacripanti’s men, however, is in defense, which gives very little to a Nutribullet that seems to have lost the offensive continuity trademark of a portentous start to the season and only shows a strong-willed Bortolani (23). Napoli, on the other hand, finds always different protagonists even in attack, Velicka is a great protagonist in the 3 ‘quarter when the margin of the hosts goes into double figures with a +13 repeated on several occasions (50-37 at 26’, then 58-45 at 30 ‘). In the last set Gevi even touches +15 (66-51 at 33 ‘), Treviso tries to return with Sokolowski but Rich first and Parks then score heavy baskets and Elegar at 36’ puts the exclamation point with a prodigious dunk ( 72-59).

Naples: Rich 14, Parks 13, Velicka e McDuffie 12
Treviso: Bortolani 23, Sims 12, Jones 8


Confirmations for Allianz, second consecutive home success at this start of the season, still little luck for Germani who plays a match of character but collects the third consecutive defeat that leaves her at zero points at the bottom of the standings. Trieste finds a convincing Banks but above all he enjoys the return of Campogrande after the cleaning operation on the achilles tendon performed in July. The Allianz recovers and proposes in the quintet also the returning Konate (absent last Wednesday in Pesaro), Magro shuffles the cards starting with Moss in the quintet. Electricity on the pitch in the opening minutes, Trieste tries to ride the energy of Konate and Banks (initial 6-3) then loses four consecutive balls and gives Brescia the 7-0 partial that Della Valle, Gabriel and Moss sign for 6 -10 of 5 ‘. Third consecutive bomb for Della Valle and extension of Germani at 6-13 then Campogrande’s first basket (seasonal debut) and Banks’ good initiatives (10 points) sign the counterpart that establishes the 16-16 at the end of the first quarter. Campogrande on the shields in an infallible second quarter. There are eleven points of the Roman outside (1/1 from two, 3/3 from three) for the 41-31 Allianz. Prolonged rupture of Brescia, Trieste smells the blood and does not give up, closing the first half on a comforting 47-31 signed on the siren from Banks’ sixteenth point. Valuable interval for the Lombards: Magro plays the charge in the locker room and Germani returns to the field with a completely different attitude. Partial of 24-12 for the guests who return to minus four completing the comeback at the opening of the last quarter with the bomb of Burns who signs the 61-62. Final point to point, balance broken by the experience of Banks who takes his teammates by the hand and finds the plays that split the game and give the two points to Ciani’s team.

Trieste: Banks 25, Campogrande 14, Sanders 12
Brescia: Della Valle 19, Mitrou-Long 15, Cobbins 15


Fortitudo’s first success that breaks the crisis by overcoming Pesaro in a dirty and schizophrenic game, full of errors and at times very tense and foul. The rivalry between these two clubs is dated and often full of controversy. Bologna always leads by exploiting the offensive vein of the long German Benzing who gives the team of coach Martino the first advantages. Pesaro flounders and forces many conclusions. Jones is not the flawless shooter who had dominated the postponement against Trieste while coach Petrovic is betrayed by the American outsiders. Effe finds inspiration from Italians like Totè and Aradori, but Benzig always scores the heavy baskets pushing the hosts on +12 (58-46) at the third siren. In the last quarter Pesare tries to return (63-57) but Baldasso puts the fortitude victory on ice with the triple of the stirrup, then Ashley and the usual Benzing also sculpt a +21 (73-57) which brings a little of serenity to Effe after the case of the resignation of coach Repesa and the challenge of the ultras against the management.

Fortitudo Bologna: Benzing 23, Totè 14, Aradori 13
Pesaro: Moretti 13, Delfino 12, Jones 11

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Hall launches Olimpia, a great Gentile is not enough for Varese. What a Virtus in Venice

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