Gravina: “Calciatori no vax? I could ask the government for a measure”

The FIGC president at the end of the Federal Council: “If the numbers do not secure football, we will push for the obligation to vaccinate. The super green pass? It is the only way to keep the stadiums at 75%”. On the national team and Joao Pedro: “Club Italia is working on three positions. The playoffs? I would avoid Portugal”. Adjusted the guiding principles of the Leagues on quorum and assembly majorities: “In this way we avoid that tiny stakes block the work”

There was also talk of No Vax in the Federal Council which was held this morning at the headquarters of the FIGC. The contagion curve and President Draghi’s call for caution in Italy, together with the anti-vaccine front of some players in Germany, made the issue urgent, as President Gabriele Gravina said: “I have already asked the Aic and the Leagues to raise awareness among players with a work of persuasion. We have 4-5% of players who do not have a vaccine green pass, but for some it depends on the fact that they have received one that is not recognized in our country. We will check and if they emerge numbers that do not secure the world of football we will ask the government for an ad hoc measure, as was done for example for school staff “. Therefore vaccination obligation for footballers. “Beyond the protocols, if some no vax enter the same locker room as the others, the risk is very high. And we cannot afford a new debacle after all the sacrifices made.”

Super green pass

Gravina also focuses on the super green pass which from 6 December becomes mandatory to enter the stadium: “I agree with the government’s initiative, it is the only way to protect our 75% capacity. In Germany, some matches have already dropped to 50 , in other countries the question is again being evaluated. So it is good to follow Draghi’s call for caution “.

From Portugal to Joao Pedro

The president then moved to the national team, awaiting tomorrow’s draw for the playoffs: “Agreements with the League for possible changes to the calendar? We haven’t talked about it yet, we wait for tomorrow. Having the possibility of playing both games at home would be better, if the draw gives us a hand we would like to play the two races in a single city “. And on possible rivals: “They are all teams that must be faced, we must recover our energy because the playoffs are always insidious, the past teaches us. But we must live them with serenity, rediscovering the sense of our strength and our being special. Then, as Mancini says, on paper Portugal, in Portugal, could be the biggest pitfall “. On Joao Pedro in blue he adds: “Club Italia is taking full interest in them, they are working on three positions and are at a good point. We solve the formal problem then it will be up to the coach to decide whether to call them or not”.

Stop the blocks

Today’s federal council has also served to adapt the guiding principles of the Leagues regarding quorums and assembly majorities. In fact, now, in order to consider legally constituted the assemblies of Lega A, Lega B and Lega Pro, the simple majority of those entitled to vote will suffice in the second call: “It’s a theme that has been going on for many years – says Gravina – and Lega Serie A has principles far removed from those imposed by the Melandri law, by Coni and so on. Today a principle of absolute democracy is sanctioned against the possibility that tiny shareholdings could block the normal course of the meeting’s work. There are still conflicting positions on the part of those who are anchored to old logic. Lega Serie A has many souls that clash with different centers of interest. There are international realities that are growing exponentially, here we are stuck ten years ago. Italian football must change culturally and as an approach. From Pino is right when he asks me to give more political weight to the Serie A League, but the weight is conquered with proposals that, I’m sorry to say, to date are not oy yet arrived “. And again on the reform: “Between February and March we will hold an extraordinary assembly. There are encrustations and rusts that we must begin to move. We have removed the cobwebs, now it’s the turn of the rest”.

Record revenue

Finally, a happy note on the approval of the budget change: “A very positive result not only for the +1.9 million compared to the initial budget, but also for the record in the history of the Federation of 229.4 million in revenues. These numbers they allow us to meet the needs of all components of football, from the A League to five-a-side football, in a period of extreme emergency “.

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Gravina: “Calciatori no vax? I could ask the government for a measure”

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