Fritz the Italian-killer and that passion for videogames

The number 39 in the world has beaten first Berrettini and then Sinner, and finds Zverev in the quarterfinals of Indian Wells. His biggest passion after the racket is gaming, of which he is a champion

Fritz yes, not so much friend … The American number 39 in the world sent home Matteo Berrettini and then Jannik Sinner to Indian Wells and is about to play the quarter-final against Sascha Zverev. But in addition to the racket, Taylor also gets along very well with the console and video games, of which he is a true champion. He told the ATP website.

When was the passion for video games born?

“Probably my first video game was one of the Pokemon games for the Gameboy, when I was little. But then, I got really hooked when I discovered that you could play online against other people. I liked the idea of ​​being able to compete in that. way. It’s just the thing I like about sports, the competition. When I was little, it was the thing I enjoyed the most: facing other people. When I found out I could play Xbox with my friends and play Call of Duty in the evening against other people and taunt them during the game. I had a lot of fun doing it. I think it happened when I was in the first or second grade. After school I would go home and tell my parents that I had done my homework. Then I would turn on the Xbox, I used to find my friends there and we played Call of Duty. ”

When did it become serious and no longer a simple pastime to have fun?

“It’s still a pastime, I just got better, thanks to the many hours spent playing and also because I am a competitive person. Whatever game I am playing, I look at who is better than me, and I study what they do. When I’m in bed, before falling asleep I watch videos to try to steal some secrets and get stronger.

What game are you strongest at right now?

“Probably Apex Legends. Right now it’s a game that is having a lot of success. It’s probably the game I’m strongest at. But, in general, the game I’ve been strongest at is definitely Fifa. In 2016 and 2017 I got injured. Fifa 17 was there at the time and I played a lot while I was injured. I was among the top 100 in North America. “

But is it true that you take your equipment on trips?

I realized that the easiest way is to bring a PC to play and connect a controller, so that you have a screen and a console. So you have it all, it’s very simple. Now crossplay exists, so if you have a computer, you can play with people on PlayStation and Xbox. “

A passion that he could also exercise during the lockdown or when you were closed in bubbles.

“Especially last year, when in many tournaments you could not leave the room, it was a way to pass the time. In the weeks when we are in a beautiful city and my friends are there too, I prefer to do something else.”

He has also been part of an e-sports team.

“They are part of a company that owns a Call of Duty team, the London Ravens, and then Rogue, a large e-sports organization that encompasses several games. They have the best team in Europe for League of Legends, which in this moment is the main e-sport in the world, and I really enjoy watching people play. They will participate in the World Championship, which will take place shortly, and I will definitely follow them. It is interesting from an entrepreneurial point of view to observe all these aspects Yes, that’s great. I have a lot of friends back home in Los Angeles who are involved in the gaming industry, so I’m also connected to it, in a way. It was nice to know a lot of them. people, understanding the pros and cons of this sector… is something that has always interested me “. And who knows that his future isn’t right there.

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Fritz the Italian-killer and that passion for videogames

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