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A whole generation was pending on May 27 to “Friends: the meeting”, the reunion of the six actors of perhaps the most popular television series that aired between 1994 and 2004. The special that lasts for more than one hour and a half features script readings, a catwalk with a fashion show, segments from old episodes, and lots of celebrity guests.

This production is an initiative of HBO Max; It can already be seen in Spain and Latin America will arrive on June 29. The episode has liked most of the critics, but especially the nostalgic ones who have an opportunity to review the interpreters who marked a before and after on the small screen. Here are the 10 best moments.


The special begins with the arrival of David Schwimmer, the actor who played Ross Geller, to the studios where the series was filmed, which were rebuilt for the occasion, including the two main apartments and the famous Central Perk cafe.

The other members of the cast follow him, one by one, and the first emotional moment occurs: the reunion of the six actors.

“Everything seems smaller to me, the whole stage,” says Matt LeBlanc, the actor who played Joey Tribbiani. “That’s impossible, because none of the six have grown up since then,” responds Jennifer Aniston, Rachel on the series.

To which LeBlanc jokingly responds: “Speak for yourself,” a reference to him being a bit older than before.


Recently Matthew Perry, the actor who played Chandler Bing, noted that he did not remember at least three years of his work on Friends, but he is not the only one.

When Aniston talks about the episode called “The One with the Ball” in season 5, in which everyone is throwing a ball for hours at each other, Schwimmer admits that “I don’t remember it at all,” and he seems genuinely puzzled. “There are seasons I never saw,” admits Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay.

“Michel (Stern, her husband) and I started watching some episodes of season 4, which I thought I had already seen. He enjoyed it much more, because I was mortified with myself.”

Perry admitted that he hadn’t seen the series again, either, while Schwimmer noted, “I hadn’t seen it in 17 years, until my daughter started watching it last year and it sucked me back in.”

But the other actors acknowledged that they had seen the whole of it in these years, especially LeBlanc and Cox. “I am very proud of the series, because it really is very good,” said LeBlanc. And he remembered his favorite scene, involving Ross and his leather pants.


After seeing thousands of times videos of the series’ bloopers on YouTube, it is unthinkable for fans that there were unreleased scenes or shots that no one had seen. But it turns out that they do exist.

There is a take, in which a joke appears that was not in the script, risqué – that we cannot repeat here – during a scene in which Monica and Chandler are in bed.

And there’s another scene where Perry does a hilarious dance when he can’t remember one of his lines, and behind him are LeBlanc and Schwimmer doing the same dance when they try to repeat the take.


Of the six actors, Perry is probably the least on camera during the reunion, and when the trailer was released a few weeks ago, some fans expressed concern about his appearance and speech (his struggles with addictions have been well documented. over the years).

But the actor really opened up quite a bit when he talked about how some aspects of his work affected him deeply, especially seeking validation from the audience that attended the recordings live.

“I felt like I was going to die if they didn’t laugh. And that’s not healthy. Sometimes I’d say a line and they wouldn’t laugh and I’d start sweating and convulse. If I didn’t get the laugh that I was supposed to have, It drove me crazy. And I felt it every night, “confessed the actor.

He later recalled that he interrupted the filming of a scene in which LeBlanc accidentally tripped on the carpet, causing laughter from the audience. “I thought, ‘Someone is causing laughter and it’s not me.’ I couldn’t handle it. I needed to cause that effect too,” Perry said.


The chapter “Nobody Was Ready” is about a dispute between Chandler and Joey over a recliner. At one point in the episode, they both try to throw themselves on the couch at the same time and Joey finally arrives first after throwing himself on the furniture.

“We did three perfect takes. God only knows why we shot a fourth,” recalls Marta Kauffman, one of the show’s creators.

Then LeBlanc tells the rest of the story: “I went to jump on the coffee table, somehow I tripped, my legs went up through the air and my shoulder went out of place”,

LeBlanc had already told this story on other television shows, but in this special they added the original shot of the accident, in which the dislocated shoulder can be seen.


Schwimmer repeats the quiz from season four, where men and women compete with each other to see who knows each other better.

In a new round of questions, Schwimmer asks the cast members to identify a character from an audio clip taken from a previous episode. “That’s my monkey,” says the mysterious voice.


Some other celebrities were invited to participate in the activities of this reunion show.

We’re not going to reveal who they are and spoil their surprise, but there is a very special guest who duets with Kudrow for a cover of the popular song “Smelly Cat,” a true Friends hit. Other celebrities join in to talk about the influence that this sitcom had in its life.

Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai revealed that her favorite episode is “The Routine”, in which Ross and Monica do a dance they had rehearsed since high school.


The audition process for the role of Joey was difficult. Crane, one of the creators, confessed that the casting had been tied between LeBlanc and another actor.

“But the funny thing about this story is that that actor ended up acting in the series, in the chapter of ‘El del Unagi’ in which he ironically played the fake Joey,” he recalled.

That means the other actor in the race was Louis Mandylor, who appears in the sixth season episode as part of a plot where Joey is trying to make money by pretending he has a twin brother.


At one point on the show James Corden, the host, asks the group who has the loudest and most distinctive laugh … and they all look up at Kudrow.

But then you hear, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe they didn’t mention me!” Yells Maggie Wheeler (who played Janice) from the side of the stage, surprising the cast and joining them for a chat on the stage. iconic sofa.


For a series it is not easy to maintain clear writing, characters that generate empathy, well-observed stories, good on-screen chemistry and high audience ratings for 10 years. But “Friends” did it, without even wearing out noticeably.

American comedy fans often say, only half jokingly, that every situation in life can be related to a Friends story.

And while some sections of this gathering feel a bit stuffy, ultimately HBO has come up with a stylish and well-done special that won’t disappoint devotees.

For years, many fans have been desperate for a scripted reunion, with the stars reprising their roles in a new series or movie. But it’s not hard to guess how the cast reacted when Corden asked if they’ve considered it. “No. Sorry I haven’t,” Kudrow pointed out.

“I once heard Kauffman and Crane say, and I completely agree, that they finished the show very well, that everyone’s life is very nice and that they would have to unravel all those good things for there to be stories. And I don’t want them to nobody’s happy ending gets tangled up, “added the actress.

“Besides, at our age … enough. You have to grow up.”


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Friends: The 10 best moments of the reunion of the series – Culture

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