“French” comedy with four women on the edge

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At the border

At the border is a comedy set in the delusional world of Los Angeles and starring four women who are on the edge. The Oscar nominee Julie delpy (2 days in Paris, Before dawn) signs scripts that stand out for their moving dialogues, and directs and stars in this dramatic comedy with Elisabeth Shue and Sarah Jones. They complete the cast Alexia Landeau, Mathieu Demy, Troy Garity, Timm Sharp and Giovanni Ribisi. The series premieres in Netflix on September 7, 2021.

The midlife crisis

The series revolves around four great middle-aged friends who face crises of all kinds in Los Angeles. All with very different occupations and lives, but in common a crisis that they must overcome. A chef, a single mother, an heiress, and an unemployed woman spice up love and work with a hint of pre-pandemic midlife crisis. Obviously, with that premise, the four friends are constantly on the brink of disaster.

Delpy develops the entire series around her character, Justine, a French chef in a fancy restaurant, with a teenage son and a French husband, and shares her most intimate secrets with her friends: Anne (Elisabeth Shue), a stylist and successful clothing designer who is going through a relationship crisis with too many addictions; Ell (Alexia Landeau), a disorganized mother who lives with three children from three different parents, with great financial problems and a disturbing sense of morality; and Yasmin (Sarah Jones), an Iranian-American who wants to get out of maternity leave after 11 years, but faces too many difficulties.

More French than American

Something that stands out in At the border is the script, the work of Julie Delpy, but not only because of the character development or the plot, but also the philosophical element that is appreciated in the dialogues, all these families looking perfect from the outside, but little by little we discover that they have problems like any other. Delpy and Landeau they may have the most prominent characters, or at least it is their stories that best mix humanity with the absurd with a truly French flair.

Although it is a series set in Los Angeles, and it is American, I think it is closer to French cinema than to the one that comes from Hollywood, with great subtlety, humor despite some of the dramatic stories of its protagonists, a disconcerting touch and a lot of parallels that look perfect on screen.

Curiously, despite being a good script, or at least the intentions it had Delpy With this series, the story stagnates a bit as the episodes progress, and when it seems that it is going to evolve it calms down and cools down, lacking cliffhangers to get a little more hooked.

There was a lot of potential in the lives of these four friends, from lifelong marriages to living with teenagers, not forgetting love affairs, but twists that provide some suspense or tension in the viewer are lacking to increase the desire to move on. , despite having enough ingredients to get excited.

At the border It is a stimulating series thanks to its characters, and it has good intentions with great actresses in the main roles, it is a success to tell the stories of middle-aged women with their problems and their crises, but it lacks a point of speed or something of tension to make us want to continue watching more episodes.

List of episodes of ‘On the edge’

The first season of At the border It is made up of twelve chapters of about 30 minutes each.

Episode 1. About two months ago

Another birthday, another panic attack for Yasmin. Justine faces the agony of mental block. Ell’s impulsive encounter ends with a blank check.

Episode 2. Long live Italy!

Justine’s recipe for a catastrophic evening: Mixing up an impromptu Corsican dinner with two sensitive husbands and adding a dash of spicy secrets… and hallucinogens.

Episode 3. The Big Sneeze

A cold causes a frantic Justine to resort to rummaging in the trash. Yasmin denounces her neighbors’ dog, Ell finds work and Anne receives a surprise.

Episode 4. Cat Shit

Smells of budding romance … or old cat. Justine and Anne adjust to the new reality. Ell’s bank visit doesn’t go as expected. Orion goes off the tongue.

Episode 5. Followers

Objective: label! Justine empowers her social media strategy. Yasmin and Anne go for a walk, but they have a hard time saying goodbye. Ell tries to be a mother and a manager.

Episode 6. Some Things Happened

Fantasies (and anxieties) get in the way when Justine gets a notice from the school, Yasmin has a meeting, and Martin explodes. Sarah confronts Ell.

Episode 7. The Human Condition

Yasmin hides her secret and Martin stands up to Justine. Anne faces a formidable rival: her mother. She tries to make the most of her disastrous situation.

Episode 8. The Party

Jolgorio or guateque? Ell and Justine plunge into the chaos of a celebrity-filled party. Intrigued, Anne reconnects with someone and Yasmin decides to get more involved.

Episode 9. Daring

Writing pushed Justine to the limit, but the photo shoot may end her. Is a romantic artist the answer for Anne? Ell focuses on her family.

Episode 10. Mustache Waxing

They all go to Anne’s pool party. She records “No Color” with her family. Yasmin goes to a secret meeting. Justine tries to connect with a familiar face.

Episode 11. Now what?

Bedtime stirs up difficult conversations. Justine mixes food with feelings. Yasmin feels guilty and Ell deals with fame.

Episode 12. The Beginning of the End

With the end (and paintball) nearing, the murderous instincts of two mothers surface and Anne gets serious with George. Meanwhile, Ell breaks the rules in the name of art.

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At the border

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“French” comedy with four women on the edge

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