Fast and Furious’s success is due to its diverse cast, according to actress

Although in its beginnings, the “Fast and Furious” saga has presented some stereotypical descriptions of some cultures, such is the case of the Mexican crime cartels or the Japanese mafia, something that has been highlighted in the great diversity of which is made up of the Dominic Toretto gang, a character played by Vin Diesel.

Characters such as Letty, Roman and Han have been an important part of “Fast and Furious”, offering a much more diverse cast of main characters compared to other action franchises, especially after the addition of more female characters, including actresses Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren and Nathalie Emmanuel.

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It has been precisely Emmanuel who has pointed out that this diversity has helped improve the success of “Fast and Furious” with each new installment and that it was what attracted her to be part of the franchise in its seventh installment, according to a recent interview that the actress performed for Coming Soon.

Emmanuel points out that one of the things that attracted him in the first installment of “Fast and Furious” was the type of racial representation that he presented to the public, arguing that there were no characters like them being protagonists in big movies at that time.

I always felt that that was important, especially for a young woman, and a young half-black woman, to see that this was so big and important.

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“We should all be represented and I think that is instrumental in the success of these films,” concluded the actress. Nathalie Emmanuel also points out the importance of having joined the franchise in the role of an intelligent woman of color, since Ramsey, her character, is a computer genius. who gained strength in a field dominated by men.

“Fast and Furious”, despite the diversity of its characters, has not exactly been a saga that has presented a great integration with many of them. The actress Jordana Brewster has indicated that she had to demand more action sequences in “F9”, a film that for the first time shows her with Michelle Rodriguez, since both characters have been present since the beginning of the franchise.

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Fast and Furious’s success is due to its diverse cast, according to actress

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