Dybala factor: five reasons why he is increasingly the leader of Juventus

Character, maturity, key passages: that’s why starting from the Argentine again in this difficult moment

There is only one Juventus player who breaks the “silence” imposed by Max Allegri after the defeat in Verona, to put his face on it and represent all the disappointment of the group. It is Paulo Dybala, the deputy captain of a team that will revolve more and more around him in the future, now at the gates, with the extension of the contract that awaits only the official. Meanwhile, the ten is already acting as a leader, on and off the pitch. Just as the Juve coach had proposed to him last summer, who had a great impact on his rebirth in Juventus: and now here are five reasons to start from him again in this difficult moment.

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Paulo is there. He runs, fights, sets and at least tries to change the inertia of the match when everything goes wrong. Then he is not lucky: with Sassuolo he takes the post and in Verona a crossbar, but here … at least he earns the respect of his opponents and clearly of the Juventus fans, who only save him at the end of a horror week. A significant fact: the Argentine is currently at the top of the Serie A standings for the number of key passes, twelve, three more than Insigne and four more than Barella. In a different context it would be an added value, for today’s Juve it is a lifesaver.


The will shown by the ten of Juve in the last few matches, on the pitch for all ninety minutes in two out of three, despite the injury disposed of only ten days ago, is significant. The current condition would not have allowed him such a long playing time in the three close weekly commitments (he had made almost half an hour when he returned to Inter) but the intelligence of the player and the desire to be there in a difficult moment for the team made a difference. A comparison above all that will certainly not make Allegri happy: the Argentine’s performance almost out of place in front of an impalpable Morata in the last few occasions, net of a good defensive work for the team.


“I found a more mature boy, aware that this may be his moment”, the anticipation of Max Allegri in his first conference of the year. And actually the latest Dybala is a version so evolved from the one that – weighing down the player – was even indicated as a possible inheritance of Messi. Paulo needed his time to become an important player also in terms of continuity of performance (and there are still margins), he made some mistakes in his youth and faced many difficult moments due to his physical problems and more. Now he has clear ideas about what he wants to be: Paulo Dybala, and not the stunt double of any other champion.


Without him there is little quality in attack. Allegri made up for his absence in the last month by finding Chiesa and Bernardeschi, who, however, have different characteristics. With the Argentine it’s a completely different Juve, even when the other strikers aren’t on the same day. In addition to defensive solidity, which before Inter seemed a rediscovered factor, Dybala’s plays can be the right key to determining a more incisive and less predictable offensive phase for the opponent’s defensive line. He cannot do everything alone, however: from Bonucci to Locatelli, to the returning Arthur, the contribution of players with the same quality is needed so that he can sew play in the maneuver and make a difference.


Dybala experienced the second part of the championship cycle, but also many difficult personal moments that tended to unite him more with the Juventus environment and not removed. When he was playing for Palermo, and was ready to jump into a big club, he didn’t want to listen to anyone anymore after learning of Juve’s interest. The bond with the Lady was then further consolidated when he took the number ten shirt, in the face of the sale of Pogba. From that moment Paulo has shown that he cares a lot for the Juventus shirt and has always done everything to keep it tight. A special advisor in the key moments of his career: Alex Del Piero. A guarantee for Juventus fans.

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Dybala factor: five reasons why he is increasingly the leader of Juventus

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