Durant show, Nets reversal in Phila. Boston collapses, NY flies: all the results

Brooklyn scores 16 of the last 17 points of the match and folds the Sixers. Celtics overwhelmed at home from Toronto and booed by the Garden crowd. Dominant Knicks in Orlando

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Durant and Lonzo Ball exhibit triple doubles and team wins, Boston loses to Toronto and is busted by her crowd at the Garden premiere, Jokic enchants once more and puts San Antonio under. Here is the showcase of the NBA night, with 9 games under the magnifying glass.

philadelphia-brooklyn 109-114

The challenge between two teams that have to solve the problems related to two stars like Irving and Simmons in the end brings her home in a daring Brooklyn way. Philadelphia plays much better for three and a half quarters of the game with the Curry-Harris duo doing good and bad weather against Brooklyn’s static defense. The Nets remain in the game thanks to the plays of Durant, triple double for him (29 points, 15 rebounds and 12 assists) and the production from the Aldridge bench (23 points), but the 76ers control the operations and 5’33 ” from the siren are still ahead of 10. Suddenly, however, Philadelphia starts arguing with the basket, KD and his teammates gain confidence and with a partial 13-0 find the first advantage 48 ” from the siren. The 76ers make an incredible confusion even in the final seconds, Brooklyn thanks and closes by scoring 16 of the last 17 points of the match.

Philadelphia: Curry 23 (5/8, 4/4, 1/2 tl), Harris 23 (7/16, 3/4), Embiid 19. Rimbalzi: Drummond 10. Assist: Harris, Embiid 4.

Brooklyn: Durant 29 (8/14, 1/6, 10/10 tl), Aldridge 23, Harden 20. Rebounds: Durant 15. Assist: Durant 12.

boston-toronto 83-115

Ime Udoka’s debut at Garden as a Celtics coach turns out to be a resounding fiasco. The Celtics are swept away by the Canadians from the 3rd quarter, closed in favor of the guests with a merciless 33-17, and submerged by the boo of the furious home crowd. The second defeat in as many games, after the one against the Knicks, comes despite the return of Horford, recovered after Covid, thanks to the bad night shooting by Smart (0/6) and Brown (3/13). Overall, the greens shoot with 39%. The man of the match is freshman Scottie Barnes who scores 25 points and pulls 13 rebounds down, demonstrating why the Raptors called him in the Draft lottery. Toronto rebounds 60-42, showing greater physicality and desire to win.

Boston: Tatum 18 (6/10, 2/4, 0/1 t.l.), Richardson 12, Horford 11. Rimbalzi: Horford 11. Assist: Smart 5.

Toronto: Barnes 25 (10/15, 1/2, 2/2 tl), Trent 20, Achiuwa 15. Rimbalzi: Achiuwa 15. Assist: Van Vleet 9.

denver-san antonio 102-96

Another applause performance from Jokic, and another success for the Nuggets, who do not miss the first season at home. The long Serbian rages: 32 points, 16 rebounds, 7 assists, +14 plus / minus, unsolved puzzle for the defense of the Texans. The Spurs, who pull just 25% from 3 points, 6/24, remain in the game until the end, but in the final Morris keeps them definitively behind. Denver closes the game showing a superlative 51% from the field despite Porter’s bad night of 3/10 for just 7 points. For the Spurs a good performance by Johnson, from 27 points, just two below his career maximum. They are not enough, however.

Denver: Jokic 32 (12/17, 2/2, 2/3 t.l.), Morris 13, Barton 12. Rimbalzi: Jokic 16. Assist: Jokic 7.

San antonio: Johnson 27 (12/16, 0/2, 3/4 t.l.), White 16, Murray-Poeltl 15. Rimbalzi: Murray 9. Assist: White 6.

sacramento-utah 101-110

The Jazz remain unbeaten, winning in California thanks to a sparkling second half. Under 46-52 at the interval, the boys of coach Snyder show their displacement as a top team in the second half, with the usual balanced attack, 5 players in double figures, Mitchell from 27, first offensive terminal, and Gobert who dominates under the scoreboards , pulling down 20 rebounds. The Kings are betrayed by Fox, who throws 5/19, the good performances of Barnes and Hield are not enough.

Sacramento: Barnes 25 (7/14, 2/6, 5/6 t.l.), Hield 24, Haliburton 15. Rimbalzi: Barnes 14. Assist: Fox/Haliburton 6.

Utah: Mitchell 27 (3/11, 6/14, 3/4 t.l.), Conley/Gobert 17. Rimbalzi: Gobert 20. Assist: Mitchell 4.

washington-indiana 135-134 d.t.s.

Turner’s 40 points are not enough, Indiana goes out against the Wizards without Beal. Washington drags the match to extra time thanks to Dinwiddie’s triple from a sidereal distance with 33 ” from the end, then Bertans takes care of it, always from long distance, to sign the decisive basket 34 ” from the siren.

Washington: Dinwiddie 34 (7/15, 6/9, 2/2 tl), Kuzma 26, Neto 18 Rimbalzi: Kuzma 11 Assist: Dinwiddie 9.

Indiana: Turner 40 (10/13, 5/9, 5/8 tl), Brogdon, Sabonis 28. Rimbalzi: Turner 10. Assist: Brogdon 8.

chicago-new orleans 128-112

The Bulls win in the carriage, closing the game already in the first half. The season debut at United Center is thunderous: Lonzo Ball places the triple double against his former team, 17 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, LaVine scores 32 points. The Pelicans lost for the second time in a row without the bruised Williamson, despite Ingram’s 26 points, conceding 53% shooting to opponents with a bullfighter defense. Chicago is 2-0 this season, a strong game after an important transfer market, in search of the playoff qualification that has been missing for 4 years.

Chicago: LaVine 32 (5/10, 6/9, 4/5 t.l.), DeRozan 26, Ball 17. Rimbalzi: Ball 10. Assist: Ball 10.

New Orleans: Ingram 26 (8/17, 2/3, 4/5 tsp), Graham 21, Valanciunas 18. Rimbalzi: Valanciunas / Ingram 8. Assist: Ingram 8.

orlando-new york 96-121

Total domination of the Knicks in Florida. The New York team immediately enters the fourth and takes off already in the first quarter (36-16), then coming to rest at a more than reassuring +30. The guests put 24 triples on the scoresheet, thus setting a new franchise record.

Orlando: Wagner 16 (2/7, 4/5), Bamba 15, Suggs 14. Rimbalzi: Carter Jr. 11. Assist: Suggs 8.

New York: Randle 21 (7/10, 2/6, 1/2 tl), Fournier 18, Quickley 16. Rimbalzi: Randle 10. Assist: Rose, Burks, Randle 7.

houston-oklahoma city 124-91

The Rockets win by dominating their seasonal debut at home. Wood rages with a performance of 31 points and 14 rebounds, the Texans shoot with more than 50% from the field, never turning back after closing the 1st quarter ahead 34-21. The Thunder seem to be heading towards yet another season of tanking announced by Sam Presti, their first executive. For now, in the first two games of the season, they have not really been competitive. This time they shoot with 37%, with no player above 13 points.

Houston: Wood 31 (9/13, 4/6, 1/1 t.l.), Gordon 22, Porter 18. Rimbalzi: Wood 14. Assist: Porter 10.

Oklahoma City: Muscala / Gilgeous Alexander 13, Williams 12. Rimbalzi: Pokusevski 7. Assist: Giddey / Dort 4.

cleveland-charlotte 112-123

The Hornets also in Cleveland produce a decidedly fun basketball and find the success dragged by the 30 points of Bridges. Charlotte places the decisive acceleration at the start of the fourth period with a 19-2 run that knocks out the Cavaliers.

Cleveland: Sexton 33 (11/14, 2/7, 5/5 tl), Rubio 15, Mobley, Markkanen 13. Rimbalzi: Love 11. Assist: Rubio 10.

Charlotte: Bridges 30 (9/15, 4/9), Oubre Jr. 25, Hayward 18. Rimbalzi: Plumlee 14. Assist: Hayward 9.

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Durant show, Nets reversal in Phila. Boston collapses, NY flies: all the results

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