Dell’Aquila and Alessio, young champions in Tokyo: all about the two Azzurri in the race

From 24 to 27 July it’s up to taekwondo. Italy boasts two qualifiers: Vito Dell’Aquila and Simone Alessio, who will compete respectively the 24 in the -58 kg and the 26 in the -80 kg. Let’s get to know them better

From zero to two. After the “darkness” of Rio2016, the blue taekwondo will be present in Tokyo with two athletes, demonstrating the excellent growth of the Italian movement: after the glories achieved with Mauro Sarmiento and Carlo Molfetta, Fita has invested in a long-term project, relaunching the youth sector and growing athletes with crystal-clear talent. Vito Dell’Aquila and Simone Alessio, both born in 2000, are different champions, but with the same probability of success. The first, with his precise and rhythmic style, showed continuity of results in the -58 kg with a slew of medals and successes culminating in the victory of the Grand Prix Final 2019, a competition reserved for the 16 best athletes in the world. On that occasion he defeated the number 1 in the category, the Korean Jun Jang, proving that he was not inferior to anyone. In Tokyo he will do everything to confirm it. Simone Alessio, less constant, enjoys a brilliant flash that lights up precisely in correspondence with the major events: the world title in Manchester (the first Italian taekwondo to win a world champion gold) is proof of this. It was 2019 and he was fighting in the 74 kg. Passed to the Olympic 80 kg, the last exploit at the pre-Olympic in Sofia, where he won the pass: it could be the surprise of the Games. The only danger: the young age of the two blues could play tricks in terms of experience and anxiety management. But let’s get to know our two spearheads better.


Simone Alessio was born on April 14, 2000 in Livorno. He discovers taekwondo at the age of 4: “In my small town of Sellia Marina, being able to choose only between taekwondo and football, I chose the first one. This allowed me to build a goal and, also thanks to the help of my parents, I can say that I am still working, after so many years, to reach increasingly important goals “. The greatest joy comes in 2019 with the conquest of the world title in the 74 kg, the first Italian in the history of the discipline to do so: “It is the best moment of my career so far. I remember the pure happiness after the victory and the awareness of having demonstrated what I’m worth and to have achieved a historic result for me and for the national team “. Later he joined the Sporting Group of the Fiamme Rosse Fire Brigade, crowning the dream of becoming a professional in this sport, while continuing to follow his studies in Motor Sciences at the Pegaso Telematic University. Then the transition to -80 kg, a category in which he snatches the Olympic pass confirming his enormous talent. But it was not always all pink and flowers: “The worst memory, however, is the defeat in the semifinal at the European Championships in April 2021 against the number 1 in the world. Match dominated from the beginning and lost towards the end; I started in best of ways and I ended up fighting the worst round of my life. ” Simone, however, is a real fighter, he never lets himself get down, getting up stronger and in Tokyo he wants to fulfill his biggest dream. His hobbies? “I’ve always had a passion for football, when I’m away from training and competitions I have a lot of fun playing soccer with friends. Ah, I’m a huge Juventus fan! My motto on the square? Mors tua, vita mea”.


Vito Dell’Aquila was born on November 3, 2000 in Mesagne. He discovers taekwondo at the age of 8: “Precisely in September 2008. I was very shy and my father, who likes martial arts, decided to take me to the gym of Maestro Roberto Baglivo, who is very well known in Mesagne. Initially it was a game for me. , I used to go to the gym very willingly because I spent the afternoons with my other peers instead of being alone at home studying or getting bored. Then with the first results it became a passion and now I consider taekwondo as a profession because I work hard to reach the goals that I ask myself “. In 2018 he joined the Carabinieri Sports Center, graduating from the Liceo Scientifico ‘E. Ferdinando’ in Mesagne. The greatest joy comes in November 2019 with the victory of the European title in -58 kg in Bari, in front of his fans: “Conquering such an important title in my beloved Puglia was incredible. Plus it meant having secured the Olympic qualification for Tokyo “. In fact, just a month later in Moscow, he snatches the pass and wins a historic gold at the Grand Prix final in Moscow, a competition reserved for the best 16 in the world, even beating the number one in the ranking the Korean Jun Jang in the final. “I will prove that this victory is not the result of chance” – Vito declared after that success. And in Tokyo he has all the credentials to prove it. “Now my main goal is to win the Olympics, but then I intend to enroll in the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Rome and become a journalist to write about taekwondo, since in Italy, in my opinion, there is too little talk of it. general I would like to be an example for the new generations “. His hobbies? Listening to music, watching movies, TV series, writing, taking photos, running outdoors and hanging out with friends.

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Dell’Aquila and Alessio, young champions in Tokyo: all about the two Azzurri in the race

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