Curry launches the Warriors, Knicks misstep. The Celtics win like a real team

Steph celebrates 5000 assists. First success for Boston, the Magic surprise the Knicks

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Steph Curry reaches 5000 assists in his career and drags his Golden State Warriors to the third success in as many races, this time against the Sacramento Kings of the former Harrison Barnes. First success of the season, however, for Jayson Tatum’s Boston Celtics (31 points) in Houston and for the Orlando Magic, a little surprisingly, in New York. Terrence Ross’s 22 points in the 4th period were decisive. Finally, the away victory of the Philadelphia 76ers on the Thunder field signed by Joel Embiid and Seth Curry.

Sacramento Kings-Golden State Warriors 107-119

Stephen Curry reaches 5000 assists in his career (the first in the history of the Warriors to do so) and leads Golden State to success on the difficult field of the Sacramento Kings. It was a fun game in terms of quality plays, performed and finished well by both teams, and resolved in favor of Dubs only in the 4th period, when Steve Kerr’s guys finally found the double figure of fundamental advantage for close the interminable series of partials and counterparts that had characterized the race up to that moment. For Curry, elegant and enlightening as always, and his 27 points (bad from the arc with 4/15), 10 assists, 7 rebounds and 3 steals in 35 ‘, well backed by backcourt partner Jordan Poole (22 points) and by Andrew Wiggins (17 points), protagonist of a crucial triple, that of +10, 1:50 from the siren. Also making the difference for the Warriors was Draymond Green (14 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds), the man who most of all knows how to win tight games like this. The Kings stood out with personality, sometimes failing defensive communication but never losing contact with the opponent. Sacramento also did important things on the court, especially in creating play in the offensive half. The golden period of Harrison Barnes continues, 24 points and 7 rebounds in the game, while De’Aaron Fox has switched on and off intermittently, however putting on the scoresheet 17 points, 6 assists (7 turnovers) and 5 rebounds in 34 ‘. Very positive the performance of the rookie Davion Mitchell, who proved to be much more than an excellent and effective defender on the ball by signing 22 points off the bench. Bad, however, Buddy Hield, forced by the defense of the Warriors to just 6 points and 2/10 from three.

Sacramento:Barnes 24 (7/13, 5/10 of three, 5/8 tl), Mitchell 22, Fox 17. Rebounds: Holmes 11. Assists: Haliburton 9.

Golden State: Curry 27 (9/23, 4/15 of three, 5/6 tl), Poole 22, Wiggins 17. Rebounds: Porter Jr. 9. Assists: Curry 10.

Houston Rockets-Boston Celtics 97-107

Boston Celtics’ first win of the season, without Jaylen Brown, signed by Jayson Tatum, author of 31 points and 9 rebounds in the away win against the Houston Rockets. The Texans played with great enthusiasm and offered very valid technical ideas and this must absolutely be emphasized. If Boston managed to win it it was thanks to a 3rd quarter from a real team (won 36-21), with the ball that moved with the right timing and through a superior defensive application. Not only Tatum for the Celtics but also “Big Al” Horford (17 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocks) and a fundamental Grant Williams (18 points and 5/7 from the arc coming off the bench). Houston, on the other hand, can console himself with the super performance of rookie Jalen Green, who finished with 30 points, shooting 11/18 from the field and 8/10 from three, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 recovery and 2 blocks in 36 ‘. The number 0 of the Rockets is really strong.

Houston:Green 30 (11/18, 8/10 da tre), Wood 20, Porter Jr. 15. Rimbalzi: Wood 9. Assist: Tate 4.

Boston: Tatum 31 (12/24, 4/11 from three, 3/4 tl), G. Williams 18, Schroder 18. Bounces: Horford 10. Assist: Schroder 5.

New York Knicks-Orlando Magic 104-110

The New York Knicks fall for the first time this season, defeated at Madison Square Garden by Orlando, protagonist of a very tough and convincing test, especially in the final part of the race. The Magic found the strength to break the balance right in the 4th period, dragged by the 22 points, all scored in the last 12 ‘, by Terrence Ross, one who definitely knows how to find the bottom of the retina even under pressure. The 36-24 with which Orlando dominated the final quarter put New York in a corner, taking away confidence a little at a time. The Knicks did not do badly, this must be emphasized, but they wrapped themselves up when the game was controlled and locked away. Better the Magic in offensive readings and in terms of lucidity in the choices. Great performance by Cole Anthony on the one hand, author of 29 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists, and Julius Randle (30 points, 16 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks) on the other. Derrick Rose is also excellent with 23 points off the bench in 29 ‘.

New York:Randle 30 (8/24, 2/10 da tre, 12/14 tl), Rose 23, Robinson/Walker 10. Rimbalzi: Randle 16. Assist: Barrett 5.

Orlando:Anthony 29 (9/16, 5/9 da tre, 6/7 tl), Ross 22, Suggs/Carter Jr. 10. Rimbalzi: Anthony 16. Assist: Anthony 8.

Oklahoma City Thunder-Philadelphia 76ers 103-115

Philadelphia won not without difficulty in Oklahoma City and hit the second success of the season driven by Joel Embiid (22 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 blocks) and by Seth Curry, protagonist of an epic 1st quarter of 23 points (28 at the end of the match) with 6 triples scored. The Sixers did not have an easy life and this is certainly thanks to the performance of the Thunder, not at all compliant and more involved in the sporting battle, especially in the 4th period but in general throughout the game. The Oklahoma City backcourt was really interesting with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (29 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds) definitely in the evening and the excellent rookie Josh Giddey (19 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals) in white spirit. Philly sent all the owners in double figures for points scored but it was the bench that gave something more from a technical and competitive point of view. The +18 reached at the opening of the 4th period (98-80) was decisive for the success, then stitched up and softened in substance by the partial return of the Thunder.

OKC:Gilgeous-Alexander 29 (9/19, 1/6 da tre, 10/12 tl), Giddey 19, Dort 13. Rimbalzi: Giddey 8. Assist: Embiid 6.

Philadelphia: Curry 28 (9/15, 7/10 da tre, 3/4 tl), Embiid 22, Harris/Maxey 14. Rimbalzi: Embiid 9. Assist: Gilgeous-Alexander 8.

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Curry launches the Warriors, Knicks misstep. The Celtics win like a real team

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