Criticism of What if …? Episode 5: Zombies!

We analyze a new episode of What if…? from Disney +. And we got to number 5, in the middle of the zombie apocalypse

One more week we analyze the episode of What would happen if …? from Disney +. And we come to number 5, in full zombie apocalypse. But first a warning: from here there will be spoilers for the fifth episode and the previous ones.

What if … there were zombies?

Although the title of the episodes already “guts” us enough what will happen, some images of Marvel characters turned into zombies had already been seen And, of course, this created great excitement. Especially for those of us who have read the Marvel Zombies mini-series, by Kirkman and Philips (yes, the creator of Walking Dead) and all the collections and derivations that emerged from it.

But, as often happens, the UCM only takes the comic as a base idea from which to create a practically new story. We will see how the main heroes are turned into the undead but with an important detail: they keep their powers (let’s not wonder how a zombie can, for example, mentally wield Iron Man’s armor).

¿Train to Busan?

Criticism of episode 5 of the series What if …?

It is inevitable to compare this chapter with the previous ones, and that is what we are going to do. Last week’s episode had a great dramatic load (in addition to action of course), since everything was caused by the pain of Doctor Strange at the loss of his beloved. In the episode that concerns us, on the other hand, action and comedy prevail: Throughout the episode we have the surviving heroes from one fight with zombies to another, with minimal plot development.

Let’s go first with comedy. That has been my biggest problem with this chapter. Throughout the plot they don’t seem to know whether to take the zombie apocalypse seriously or present the drama it represents, and the script suffers from that lack of decision, so that this tonal inconsistency ends up affecting how the whole episode unfolds, giving rise to very questionable situations. I put two examples:

After all the time spent on vlog With Peter Parker explaining the basic rules for surviving against the undead (in true Zombieland style), it is not understood that Bucky explores an underground military facility all alone. Or that Happy continues to exclaim “pam, pam, pam” as he is dragged to his death, joking at the same time he ignores his own reality in a joke too forced.

Those jokes have two main actors, Peter and Scott. Although some of us are already fed up with the scriptwriters always taking Peter as the “child”, joker and naive, instead of the great scientist that he is. At least, this time they have tried to explain the reason for that humor in the middle of the apocalypse.

What if What if 14
Futurama’s shadow is too obvious

But the case of Scott Lang, the Ant Man, is pathetic. His (absurd) jokes have no place in that environment and, much less, in his “bodily” situation (Oh no! His humor is contagious)

But the chapter is also packed with good times, like the tense confrontation with Vision at Camp Lehigh. This is where we have an idea of ​​what a more drama-focused script could have given us of the characters (something we already saw in Kirkman’s Marvel Zombies): the android is torn between his desire to cure the infected Wanda or keep his friends safe. An idea that could go a long way, but that the writers quickly put aside to show us the unleashed action of Zombie Wanda.

And it is that, in addition to the initial premise, the action scenes continue to be one of the great values ​​of the series What would happen if …? and this episode is no different. All the fights and action scenes are brutalThey are well choreographed and very imaginative.

What if what if 10

As for the characters, the late Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa is welcome and, though unwittingly prophetic, his proclamation that “death is not the end” it is a very exciting moment.

It was also a real surprise to have Kurt (Scott Lang’s hacker friend) so starring, providing many humorous situations as the typical out of place person. (It’s a reminder that What If has great untapped potential in the MCU’s minor and often-forgotten characters, and we hope we continue to see more familiar faces.)

On the other hand we have Vision and Wanda, where the android must remove the gem and, of course, “be disconnected” How many times are we going to see the corpse of vision? Because it seems that it is destined to die in all universes.

What if What if 12

I’ve talked enough about Scott. Of Spider-Man we could say that we have almost seen it as the leader of these new Avengers (almost), with the rest of the characters showing respect, after the deaths of Hope and Sharon.

We have missed some like the black widow (appearing briefly with The Avengers before becoming infected), Thor (which we assume is in space, either with the Guardians, or building his hammer, and that’s why he didn’t get infected) or Captain Marvel (also traveling through space). Recall that this chapter is set during Avengers: Infinity War.

What if what if 6

Finally I want to highlight Hope Van Dyne. On the one hand, we see again a curious way to use Pym’s powers: Hank killed the Hulk from within and now it is his daughter who does the same to Sharon.

On the other hand, and continuing with Hope, the prominence that they are giving in this series, either directly or indirectly (as in chapter 3) Does this mean that they are preparing us for something? Can all the Universes of What If …? Will they come together at some point (either in this or in the second season)? Time will reveal it to us.

What if What if 5

In summary, an entertaining chapter that delivers what it promises: a half hour of good deed and very interesting alternative universes, but in which (personally) the extreme humor of certain occasions has screeched me and in which the focus of attention is on the action, to the detriment of a possible deeper argument about some pointed dramas.

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Criticism of What if …? Episode 5: Zombies!

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