Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Definitely Not In Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

A Marvel fan simply couldn’t pass on the chance of shutting down all the noise from rumors of Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Just like the entire filming process that preceded it, Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s trailer set off a wave of MCU speculation regarding who will or won’t show up in the movie. Now there’s further confirmation that former Daredevil Charlie Cox is really not in the trailer.

Last year Cox was reportedly spotted on Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s set, even before Benedict Cumberbatch was photographed filming his parts which are now confirmed by the Spider-Man trailer to make him a key player in the film. However, fan speculation rose to a new all-time high after many people believed that the forearms (yes, just forearms) close up to Peter Parker in the interrogation room scene were actually Matt Murdock’s.

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Thankfully, a keen-eyed Marvel fan who just happened to be attending a Shang-Chi IMAX screening was able to capture some footage inside the theater, thus taking advantage of the extra screen real estate enabled by IMAX’s larger aspect ratio. As the trailers were rolling in, @Crustrocket77 saw and shared a clip where it can clearly be seen that the face of the man speculated to be Cox is actually an entirely different person, possibly one of the cops who’s questioning poor old Peter.

So there it is, two weeks of speculation can now be safely tossed out the window, right? Well not quite, as despite the actor’s own statement about the trailer, Cox carefully picked his words to deny his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s trailer but not the movie itself. Besides Marvel Studios’ characters, the movie already has a bunch of Sony-owned villains, as No Way Home could be the studio’s opportunity to take back Spider-Man for their sole usage.

Despite a lot of fans, insiders, and YouTubers pointing out that that the man pictured next to Tom Holland in the trailer couldn’t have possibly been Cox due to their physiques just being too different, it seems like people really want to see Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home. After all, out of Netflix’s forays into Marvel, Daredevil was the one show that managed to gain and keep a consistent following due to it being praised by critics and fans alike, partly for its more mature brand of action that the MCU currently still lacks.

That’s not even the end of the road for Daredevil characters as it is right now, because there are also rumors pointing to Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his Kingpin role in the upcoming Hawkeye series or even Cox actually being saved for appearances in She-Hulk‘s legal drama. If Marvel Studios never fully revives Daredevil, then Cox and D’Onofrio entering the MCU are as good as it gets for anyone who ever loved that series.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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Source: @Crustrocket77|Twitter

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