Channing Tatum and the looks to see you handsome on a casual date

Channing Tatum He is not the first actor that comes to mind when we think of the best dresses or when we are looking for references to learn how to wear a suit or the most elegant looks (although he does not do badly on the red carpet), but lately he has been been earning a spot on the list, at least in the casual style realm.

Recently, the actor of The Lost City of D (with Sandra Bullock) and Magic Mike, has been the topic of conversation for his new look, which takes inspiration from the bikers y skaters, and it is a great solution to dress well for dates that are less formal or elegant.

Recently, the style of Channing Tatum has become a little more grunge and cool (and we don’t know if Zoe Kravitz (aka Catwoman in The Batman) has something to do with all of that, but they have been seen together and she has a very similar style), which, far from being a teenager, is laid back, classic (not all looks though) and works ( And with that it shows that there really is no age when it comes to wearing what you like).

When it comes to dressing for a date, you don’t always need to wear a suit, a blazer or something formal, it all depends on the occasion, the mood and the plan, so there are cases in which a pair of jeans, a t-shirt or a Casual shirt can be your best allies (because there is nothing more attractive than a man who feels comfortable and confident).

What do you wear for a casual date?

The tshir of bands

No, you don’t need to be a mega fan of a band to wear a t-shirt with their image or logo. If you like it, then use it, but use it correctly.

The advantage of wearing a band t-shirt is that it can make the look look more fun and less simple than wearing a non-patterned t-shirt. In addition, you can combine it with pants a little more formal for a more elevated look (as does Joe Jonas), and can always be a conversation piece.

How is it carried? Don’t wear anything dirty, too big, or too torn. Combine with well-structured pants and classic tennis shoes, this helps you look young, but without falling into the terrain of those clinging to adolescence.

How to dress for a casual diet?

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The open shirt

The open shirt Over a tshirt it’s a great transitional piece (which means you can wear it most of the year, depending on what other pieces you wear). It’s a casual look with retro touches that never stops being a trend, and it can also look sophisticated.

Tatum went for a black and white look (with some straight cut pants, albeit a bit looser), but add a pop of color by wearing a shirt in a light red hue, and add the cool element with some basic tennis shoes. and a pair of sunglasses that match your face type.

Chino pants

Even if the appointment is casual (like brunch or going for a walk around town), jeans aren’t your only option. Chino-style pants are comfortable and have a skater touch, but they are a bit less casual than jeans and can even look formal if you add some higher shoes and a jacket.

The great advantage is that you can find them in different colors, so you can wear the exact same look in several different versions, and that makes dressing much easier.

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Channing Tatum and the looks to see you handsome on a casual date

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