Michela Moioli, not just snow. Surfing, videogames, universities: “I’ll tell you everything”

Michela Moioli not just snow Surfing videogames universities Ill tell

For Michela Moioli the Olympics will also be a protagonist in 2022: after the gold in 2018, she will be the standard-bearer in Beijing. Here we talk about sports, university exams and private life Francesco Sessa & commat; fra_sessa October 30 – Milano “Giovanni Malagò called me and I didn’t know what to say: I … Read more

100 days at the Winter Games, between quarantines and a small audience

100 days at the Winter Games between quarantines and a

In Beijing, the anticovid measures will be more severe than in Tokyo: special shuttles, Chinese only spectators and 21 days of isolation for the unvaccinated. And the Chinese demonstrate It is already the Olympics of primates. For the good (no other city has ever hosted a summer and a winter edition) and for the bad. … Read more

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