Isl, Dressel’s comeback with winning poker, King’s 200s and Pinzuti second in the breaststroke

Isl Dressels comeback with winning poker Kings 200s and Pinzuti

Celeb Dressel It is the evening of the Dressel family. At the Scandone in Naples, the second ISL match sees the return to great demand of Caeleb Dressel, the star of the Tokyo Games with 5 golds (3 individual: 50-100 sl and 100 butterfly) and even the first mvp of Isl 2020 in the Bubble … Read more

Isl – Riot, a record-breaking dolphin: 48 ″ 64. Mora winning back, Rocket in the mixed. The ex aequo of Tete and Scozzoli and the relays with Miressi on target. Castiglioni almost… King, Ciampi second. And Di Liddo and Fede third. Centurions: first class night

Isl Riot a record breaking dolphin 48 ″ 64 Mora

Matteo Rivolta The last round of the semifinals of the ISL, the World Swimming Championships in Eindhoven, begins in the name of Matteo Rivolta, who carves out an evening at Dressel, crushing the Italian record of the 100 butterfly by 90 cents. A great progress from 49 “64 made in Eindhoven on 12 August 2017 … Read more

Magnifica Pellegrini: last 200 international sl, is third. “So it’s hard to say goodbye”

Magnifica Pellegrini last 200 international sl is third So its

Federica proudly fights for the farewell race in Islam and gives in only to Seemanova and Flickinger. Tuesday will be at the tricolors of Riccione. His team is 6th, the only blue in the final Pilato and Franceschi Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli November 28 – Milano They didn’t give her anything, she also had to sweat … Read more

Isl: World Stewart in the 100 backstroke: 48 ″ 33! Dressel, continuous pursuit in Leveaux and does the trio. Bravo Pinzuti: 57 ″ 49. Franceschi third

Isl World Stewart in the 100 backstroke 48 ″ 33

Caeleb Dressel with the blue cap in Naples for the 3rd edition of Isl The second day of the second ISL match at the Scandone in Naples (25 meters) begins with the 100 freestyle, the queen specialty of the first individual Olympic title. That Caeleb Dressel wanted to honor with a 45 ″ 94, an … Read more

Isl: Shymanovich and Sjostrom’s hat-trick is not enough for the Energy Standards: the London Roar leads. Murphy’s Law (with records) and Scott. At full speed Chalmers and McKeon

Isl Shymanovich and Sjostroms hat trick is not enough for the

Swedish Sarah Sjostrom The last engagement of the former Energy Standard holders for the Isl semifinals, the World Swimming Championships, begins in Eindhoven with the victory of Sarah Sjostrom in 55 ″ 61: the Swede boasts the world record in 54 ″ 61. Uncle Tom Shields is instead a lightning bolt in the men’s 100 … Read more

Isl in Eindhoven: Bianchi wins the 200 butterfly, Shymanovich a world record

Isl in Eindhoven Bianchi wins the 200 butterfly Shymanovich a

In the playoffs, the Bolognese tames the specialty, leaving the Danish Rosendahl at 55 cents. The Belarusian brings the record of the 100 breaststroke to 55 ”28. The 100 sl in Chalmers and Haughey We are at the verdicts for 4 teams in the fifth stage of the Isl, the World Swimming Championships which in … Read more

The Isl starts again: Le Clos, mister butterfly. And Roma defender Reynolds cheers on Scandone. Bomber Orsi sprint 21 ″ 26, according to Pilato

The Isl starts again Le Clos mister butterfly And Roma

Benedetta Pilato Week two of the ISL sees the debut of London Roar and Iron Budapest. The start touches, as always, from the 100 butterfly: to win them are the Belarusian Shkurdai in 56 “76, with the former blue champion Ilaria Bianchi sixth for the London Roar in 58” 03, and among the men with … Read more

Isl: Orsi triumphs in the 100 medley and is an Italian record in the 50 butterfly (22 ″ 50). Haughey-Scott doublets. I drive big back, Shymanovich big frog

Isl Orsi triumphs in the 100 medley and is an

Benedetta Pilato Sjobhan Haughey from Hong Kong with fury. The freestyle stylist takes the 100 sl in 51 ″ 64 and wins the first victory of the second day for the 3rd match of the ISL in the short pool of the Scandone pool in Naples. Haughey then doubles in the 200 freestyle in 1’52 … Read more

Isl: Dressel hat-trick, Fede drags the relay and Martinenghi wins

Isl Dressel hat trick Fede drags the relay and Martinenghi wins

In Naples still a show with the Olympic stars: the American loses only in the 4×100 sl, Pellegrini drives a large mixed 4×100. Podiums for Miressi, Franceschi, Ciampi and Castiglioni Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli September 4th – Milano Caeleb Dressel’s first prestigious signature on the fourth day of the International Swimming League at the Scandone pool … Read more

Dressel lightning in Naples: 45 ”47 to beat Miressi in the 100l. Cuore Faith: it is second in the 200

Dressel lightning in Naples 45 47 to beat Miressi in

The 46 ”45 giant from Turin was beaten, fourth Ceccon. The American also wins the 100 medley, the 50 butterfly and the 50 sl in elimination (now he is mvp). Fede’s team is fourth in the overall standings Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli September 5th – Milano Sunday of great swimming in Naples, for the Isl, the … Read more

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