Carraro gold and 4×50 mixed with the world championship, fairytale Lamberti, Quadarella silver

At the Europeans in short course in Kazan, still medals for Italy: even the Quadarella is silver in the 800s

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More medals for Italy in swimming at the European short course championships in Kazan, Russia. After 4 o’clock on the first day, 2 golds arrive – one with a world record – and 3 blue silvers. The bang is printed by the Italy of the 4×50 mixed in 1’30 ” 14 with the quartet Michele Lamberti on the back, Nicolò Martinenghi on the breaststroke, Marco Orsi on the dolphin and Lorenzo Zazzeri on freestyle. Gold also for Martina Carraro in her 100 breaststroke, while the story of the day is Michele Lamberti, the deb son of the world champion Giorgio and of the freestyle stylist Tanya Vannini. The Brescia player, who turns 21 today, takes the silver of the 50 back and then that of the 100 butterfly. Silver, finally, also for Simona Quadarella in the 800 freestyle.

Record relay

The classic bang at the end of the day: the mixed 4×50 Italy conquers gold with a world record in 1’30”14 with the quartet Michele Lamberti on back, Nicolò Martinenghi on breaststroke, Marco Orsi on dolphin and Lorenzo Zazzeri on freestyle . A 1’30 “14 that takes over from the 1’30” 44 of Russia, beaten in the water. The previous Italian record was 1’31 ”54. The fractions of the Azzurri: Lamberti 22 ”62 (Italian record, 3 cents less than the time in the individual race), Martinenghi 25” 14, Orsi 22 ”17, Zazzeri 20” 21. Silver to Ruyssi in 1’30 “79, bronze to Holland in 1’32” 16.

Carraro safety

Martina Carraro triumphs in 1’04”01 with an impeccable performance after passing second halfway through the race (30”25): the Genoese pushes the Russian Chickunova and the 2006 Estonian Eneli Jefimova by 24 cents, both in 1 ‘ 04 ” 25. Only fifth Arianna Castiglioni, in 1’04”75 after the Varese had finished the battery and semifinals in the lead. Carraro, born in 1993, trains in Imola, and was an Olympic finalist, as well as bronze at the World Long Course Championships in 2019. She is linked to the blue runner Fabio Scozzoli. Says the blue: “Reconfirming is always difficult, but even more beautiful and rewarding. It wasn’t easy because the final was excellent and we could all win. We are competing a lot this year, but after the break due to the pandemic I am happy to do it because this is my job and it is what I love to do: I am lucky – says the Genoese -. The presence of Fabio (Scozzoli, ed) here in Kazan has given me even more peace of mind: only my dog ​​Clara is missing, but I hope to see her again soon “.

Fable Lamberti

Michele Lamberti is silver and makes the family dynast shine in blue swimming. In the 50 backstroke, the Brescian who turns 21 today, improves for the third time the Italian record from 22 “79 to 22” 65 and reaches only 18 cents from the Russian winner Kliment Kolesnikov, author of 22 “47 never swam in the European Championships . The bronze goes to the Romanian Robert Glinta in 22 “74, sixth Lorenzo Mora in 23” 19. Then as soon as he got off the podium for the award ceremony, the double son of art swims an extraordinary final of the 100 butterfly for another silver in 49 “79, second Italian time all time (the record of Rivolta is 49” 54), and yields by only 11 cents for the Hungarian of the Centurions, Szabo, while the bronze is for the Polish Majerski in 49 ”86. Under the podium, sensationally, the Hungarian Olympian Kristof Milak, for two cents.


The fastest woman in the world, Sarah Sjostrom, in the 50 freestyle after a horrible year due to the elbow surgery, smiles again: a great gold with the championship record in 23 “12 (previous 23” 30), while the world record remains to the Dutch Kromowidjojo in 22 ”93. In the 50s men, the two Azzurri Lorenzo Zazzeri (21 ”05) and Marco Orsi (21” 23) grab the final with the sixth and seventh time. In the lead is the Hungarian Szabo (20 ”87).

Quadarella silver

The 21-year-old Russian Anastasia Kirpichnikova triumphs in the 800 with a solo in the water: unstoppable even for the outgoing keeper Simona Quadarella, who at 200 already had a gap of 2 “and 3” 28 in the middle of the race. The Roman Olympic bronze had to defend herself from the German Isabel Gose who swam alongside her and with whom it was a duel stroke after stroke. The Russian wins with the sixth world time in history in 8’04 “65, silver with nails for Minotti’s pupil in 8’10” 54, German bronze in 8’10 “60, fifth Martina Caramignoli in 8’14 “36.

Martinenghi, Scozzoli, Panziera ok

The 100 breaststroke promises to be very exciting and uncertain for tomorrow: in the meantime, the world record holder Shymanovich (Bie) 55 ”45 with the record of the championships, on Kamminga (Ola) 55” 82 and Sakci (Tur) 56 ”47; the Olympic bronze medalist Nicolò Martinenghi is fourth in 56 “54, the Italian record holder Fabio Scozzoli is fifth in 56” 78. In the 200 backstrokes, Margherita Panziera is second (2’04 “53) in the semifinals only to Dutch Kira Toussaint (2’03” 90): it will be a great duel tomorrow for the blue European champion looking for a turning point after the Olympics . Costanza Coocconcelli is in the final in the 100 medley with 7th time in 58 “95: her Italian record is 58” 45 and she will need to try a big shot tomorrow in the race that sees Sjostrom (Sve) and Steenbergen (Ola ) at 57 ”92 with Ugolkova (Svi) at 58” 47.

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Carraro gold and 4×50 mixed with the world championship, fairytale Lamberti, Quadarella silver

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